Edelweiss Patterns

Hello, Ladies! It seems so long since I’ve posted here!  I temporarily switched gears from vintage attire to historical costuming when I had to sew half a dozen costumes to wear to the Jane Austen Festival last fall.  (I have tons of Elizabeth Bennet pictures on the blog!)  But once I returned from my costuming [...]


Hello, Ladies! I love making dresses for all times of the year, but there’s nothing quite as marvelous as sewing a dress for summer.  Summer seems to have been made for sundresses and picnics, and when you can sew your own dresses the possibilities are really endless as to what styles of summer frocks you [...]


Hello, Ladies! My sewing adventures have recently taken me to Washington, D.C. where I studied (amongst other things) the First Ladies’ gown collection and other gorgeous costume exhibits.  But my favorite part of the whole trip, was dressing up like Jackie!  There is nothing I love better than sewing a reproduction of a famous outfit, [...]


Hello, Ladies! I’m sure you were all as thrilled as I was when Butterick released their early summer collection last Wednesday – mainly because of the pattern shown below!  Isn’t is so exciting that there’s finally a repro pattern with a shelf bust design?  I had been waiting for something like this for years. Well, [...]


Hello, Folks! Usually December is the busiest month of the year for lots of reasons.  For me, it can often also be my busiest month of sewing!  It’s not that I put stuff off until the last minute, it’s just that I often come up with all these exciting projects which simply cannot wait until next [...]


Hello, Ladies! This Christmastime I am posting a vintage holiday sewing project on my blog each week, and since I started with a green velvet number in November I think I’ll have a pretty wide selection of Christmas frocks online by the end of December!  I have something very exciting planned for New Years Eve, too, but for now I’ll show [...]


Hello, Ladies! I am very excited to share this pattern review of the brand new 1958 Party Dress Pattern by Sense & Sensibility Patterns!  If you have been into historical costuming at all, you are undoubtedly very familiar with S&S Patterns’ phenomenal Regency & Edwardian designs.  And even if you are strictly a retro dress [...]


Hi Ladies! Is everyone as excited as I am about the new line of designs that Gertie has produced for Butterick?  When I got the email about Butterick’s new fall collection (or more particularly about the “Gertie” patterns), I just about went berzerk! You see, I had been saving this gorgeous piece of gold glitter-speckled [...]


Well, there’s a first time for everything, right?  With all the posts I’ve written here I haven’t yet been asking for help, but this is an exception! You see, after my recent foray into buying vintage patterns for sale on Ebay, I received some purchases in the mail that truly surprised me – there was a [...]


Hello All! Hooray for the red, white, and blue! Hope you’re having a wonderful Fourth of July!  I wanted to share pictures of my recent creations for this holiday, sewn with some vintage designs from the 1940s. I sewed a red silk blouse from one of my favorite patterns, the Romantic Blouse Pattern from www.sensibility.com [...]