'easy' skirt, finally completed!

Gosh, it’ been a while since I contributed, but everyone’s doing such gorgeous things that lurking’s been awesome!  A recent contributor reminded me I hadn’t shared last fall’s tussle adventure with rayon seam binding. Hope it’s useful!

I began with lovely soft-as-butter green rayon, and used a favorite pattern, the

straight skirt. Problems began with the first scissor cut, which I didn’t realize at the time was with a pair of waaay past their sell-by-date scissors.

I’d thought this would be a quick project because it’s an easy pattern I’d done several times, but the project dragged… er, blossomed.

Eventually everything did come together, but am more proud of the inside than the outside.   Lol!

some of the rayon seam binding going on

Now to that question ~ Planning to be in the DC area 1st & 2nd weekends in May and would love to get together with any We Sew Retro folks in the area or visiting.  Am certain there’s something at the Smithsonian we might plan to see & meet there.  Please send message either here or on my blog, with any additional suggestions, and we’ll go from there. Hope we can get something organized.

Thanks for everyone’s great ‘sew & show’ posts!



pattern heaven

pattern heaven

Am “vacationing” at my favorite, veddy exclusive B&B – home of dear friends K & G.  Their house is better than a museum or antique store, because there are so many collections of things I love, like vintage patterns, fabrics, and laces.  G has his man cave to go to, where all his antique trucks get worked on, so K & I are free to indulge ourselves, guilty-free.

Here’s one of her cute vintage cloths…

sewing machine embroidered cloth

sewing machine embroidered cloth

Happy New Year, all!!

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Lady Cora's Photo Gallery

Lady Cora's mum from Photo Gallery

Downton Abbey Series 3 has started in the U.K.  Everyone everywhere else will have to wait varying amounts of time before seeing it on local tellies, but hopefully we’ll begin hearing and seeing inspirations from our U.K.-based We Sew Retro colleagues before then.  (hint-hint!)

I’ve read that this season’s 1920s fashions will include marcel waves, crushed velvet and lots of beading.  I, inspired by that sweeping arm of Lady Cora’s mum as she arrives at Downton and descends from her limo, might have discovered what to do with a bit of stash fabric, below.

Velour from stash

Velour from stash

Only sticky wicket is the fabric is velour, with a lot of lengthwise stretch.  Will need to back it with something to stop gravity, and provide more warmth.  Perhaps wool & non-stretchy, iron-on interfacing?  This will require some thought, but might be sorted by the time Downton rolls across the pond January 2013.  Especially if lovely colleagues here have suggestions.  (hint-hint encore!)

Velour + Folkwear Cape?

Velour + Folkwear #264 Monte Carlo Tunic/Cape?

Meanwhile, am looking forward to reading everyone else’s thoughts and inspirations!

U.S. Preview & Trailer:
ITV Photo Gallery U.K. site

This entry on my blog has a few more links.



vintage dress

vintage dress

On a recent trip to Raleigh, North Carolina I visited Shabby Lane Antiques, and spent hours investigating (and purchasing!) items from buttons, to pins & bangles, to my first vintage dress.  Wonderful experience — couldn’t believe down South prices — can’t wait to get back!

Here’s my question:  What era do y’all (Southern for “you all”) think the dress is from?  1980s?

Style is slightly A-line, buttons down the front, is belted under the bust (belt was missing; chiffon substituted), has inseam pockets, and is ankle length.  Dress has a 4” hand-sewn hem; lining has 3.5” hand-sewn hem; dress is definitely RTW due to seam finishings, label, etc.

vintage dress label

vintage dress label

Many thanks in advance!

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