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A Spooky 50’s style dress

By on September 23, 2014

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share my latest creation from a self-drafted pattern.

Given that Halloween is creeping upon us, I wanted to make something that had a little bit of a spooky charm to it.

I made this 50’s style dress with a gathered circle skirt, lace trim on the hem and pockets in the side seam!  I decided to use a facing instead of fully lining the bodice.  The fabric is a black cotton stretch sateen, because it is so comfortable!  I also made a belt to match the trim with a glitter lucite buckle.

Modeled by my darling friend, MIssy Cae

This is my favorite design so far! I will definitely be making more with other colors and prints!

xoxo Rocksie


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First self-drafted dress! A success!

By on September 11, 2014

I recently decided to stray from printed patterns and try my hand at drafting my own.  This is a pretty basic bodice style, but I’m pretty proud of how it turned out!  I used a stretch sateen to give the dress a little give and be super comfortable while dancing the night away! It has a full circle skirt with pleats of a leopard print sateen. The pockets and bodice are also lined with the leopard as well. Sorry I forgot to get better pictures before it got dark, but here are a few a took quickly before we left for a show.  (Modeled by the lovely friend who I made it for)

Black and leopard 50's dress

Black and leopard 50's dress

Black and leopard 50's dress

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An addiction….

By on August 14, 2014

I’ve become addicted to making Bra top and skirt sets (I am meaning to venture into adding shorts and beach jackets to the mix soon).  I love how quickly I can make them and having the versatility of separates!  I just wanted to share my latest creation with you all.

The top is based on Simplicity 1426 Version B.  I made a couple changes- like adding ties in the back and making the straps criss-cross in the front.  The skirt is just a basic circle skirt.  I made it with a leopard peach-skin rayon fabric I had, and I used twill for the lining and waistband to give it a little more body and stability.  I probably won’t be doing that again- sewing with silky fabrics irritates me to no end! I used a double fold bias tape as the hem on the skirt because I get lazy at times.  In the end, this turned out to be my favorite outfit so far!




How about you?  Do any of you have a type of clothing you can’t get enough of making?



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An introduction, and advice needed! :)

By on February 25, 2014

Hello fellow vintage sewing enthusiasts! I have been a long time stalker of this page, and I love to see the beautiful creations you all make! I have been sewing using vintage sewing patterns for about 8 years and still have a tendency to get impatient and sloppy (whoops). I also tend to get obsessed when Ihave a project in mind. That being said, I have a couple questions I’ve been thinking way too hard about and would really like to hear some opinions!

I like to make separates for more versatility, and I am preparing to make a nice full fluffy skirt with a halter top for a night out. My dilemma is, do I make a gathered skirt! or a skirt with small box pleats? Will small box pleats give the same type of fluffiness as gathers? I HATE gathering, but I’ll do it if I have to …..

The other thing I am wondering is if I can make a tiered skirt from a softer fabric and get some of the desired volume rather than an itchy petticoat/crinoline. I’ll be dancing and probably pretty sweaty, so I’d like to avoid a stiff crinoline. And I hate making them haha. Anybody have any advice on one vs the other? It might seem like a silly post, but I have a baby, so not much time for sewing anymore. I need to have everything fully planned before I execute!

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