Hi everyone! I am SUPER excited about my new dress and I know all of you We Sew Retro peeps will really love the vintage styling!  I was very inspired by the movie ‘The Aviator’.  Set in the 1940′s it features a stellar cast and some fabulous costumes (though I wasn’t entirely a huge fan [...]


Hi everyone! It’s been too long since I posted on my favourite vintage sewing website-We Sew Retro!  I am super excited to share my latest creation.  The dress was inspired by a delicious border print fabric that I got at Edinburgh Fabrics during a meet-up of sewists called the Crafters’ Ceilidh last January! I used [...]


Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted here in ages! I just wanted to share my latest creation that was inspired by Marlene Dietrich that I made for the Sew Cinematic challenge. This is my best Marlene Dietrich pose.  Though nobody makes looking serious and stern look as glamorous as Marlene: I used McCall 3260 which [...]