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Vintage Vogue 2902

By on March 10, 2012

This dress was made with Vogue 2902. A year after her wedding she was gracious enough to share and let me use a couple of her pictures. My heart always melts when I see others in the stuff I make and I’m always honored to be a small part in what is one of the most special days of a couple’s life. I did not make the sash, but I did make the petticoat.

I love the look of this pattern, but did not love all the hand sewing. I do a lot of hand sewing but I think if I ever make this again I will do things different to minimize the hand sewing.


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1940s | 1950s | Dresses

I missed you Sew Retro

By on March 6, 2012

I’ve been busy and kept saying I need to sign up for the new Sew Retro. I’m happy to see so many familiar faces, some may not find me familiar but that is okay. For my first post back I will share one of the most beautiful models around….yes I’m prejudice since she is my sister. This is my 40s/50s inspired dress and I have to admit looks perfect on my sis! I will be back to as soon as I finish another 40’s inspired dress. I’m using Kaufman sateen merlot. I am in love with the color and fabric. Again I’m excited to be back to this wonderful community that has always inspired me!

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