Simplicity 8126

By on May 30, 2013



I started Simplicity 8126 yesterday but due to sewing when I was tired had to take it all apart and start again today. I’ve really wanted a great wrap around skirt so I was excited for this one!



So today after picking apart the whole thing, I finally had my skirt! It ended up looking better on my mannequin then on me. Not that it’s awful, but just a little too full of a skirt with the pleat also in it. I  added a button hole in the waistband to pull one of the ties through. The instructions had them just crisscrossing in the back and I liked this way better, I think it comes out neater.

I like it but it’s not my favorite. I would maybe make it again but I think I’d rather have a less full wrap skirt without a pleat in the front. I still really love wrap skirts though! Read more about it Here!

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Vogue 9868

By on February 28, 2013

While at Hancock Fabrics I just fell in love with a rose cotton interlock fabric they had. I’ve always had it in my head I wanted a nightgown with little pink roses all over it. I found some lace with ribbon on sale and it was just what I wanted for my 1940 nightgown pattern, Vogue 9868. I had been planning on working on some other projects before this one but I just couldn’t help myself!

It only had 4 pieces so it went together really quickly! I started it around 9 pm and was done at 1 am! That’s including time it took me to get my serger to work right.Which since I got it at Christmas, this is my first time using on a complete project! It made the seams look so nice and even though I used dark thread the fabric is heavy enough that it doesn’t show through.



The fabric was really great to work with and super soft. This is definitely going to be one of my new favorites and worn a lot! I think the only thing I might change is the ribbon at the top, maybe to a pink ribbon for more contrast!

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Simplicity 8107

By on February 27, 2013


It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted here, but I haven’t stopped my vintage sewing! I’ve recently started really trying to post my sewing efforts on my blog and get back into blogging!

I just got around to posting about a dress I made this past December so I thought I would share it here too! It’s made from Simplicity 8107. I made it for a christmas party where we had to dress up, so I decided to be a christmas tree. I used green corduroy and a little bit of gold trim at the top, that way if I wanted to wear it without it looking too christmassy I could easily take off the gold trim and just have a plain green dress.


What I also really liked about this pattern was that it lined the entire dress.  I also changed the neckline to a V neckline because it was more flattering on me. This was really easy, I just cut right now and folded over the edges.


With the dress I made  a headband meant to be the star at the top of the tree

It got lost at my friends house so this is the best picture I have of it. I made it from some christmas supplies I found. The gold curly things were made of wire so I was able to easily twist them to get everything to stay in place on the headband.

The dress went together very easily and quickly and it was a great fit! I’d definitely make this again possibly in a lighter fabric for summer!

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