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More help please

By on February 9, 2012

Hello again. I recently posted about an Anne Adams pattern 4826 looking for fabric advice recently and now I have another question for you all.
This will be my first real vintage pattern as up until now I’ve mainly used vintage-inspired patterns. I am in the process of tracing and altering the pattern and am trying to figure out if I should alter the way it fastens. It has the buttons up the front and then a 10″ zipper on the side at the waist. This seems like a lot of effort to get myself into when wearing it so I was thinking of maybe extending the zipper and not putting real buttonholes down the front? Or it also has a center back seam that I could put a zipper in…
Has anyone tried this with a vintage pattern before? Or possibly another option? I’m just looking for some general advice and opinions. Thanks!

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Vintage Sewing

Fabric help

By on February 3, 2012

Hello all! I’m writing with a request for some general advice. I couldn’t help myself and just purchased this beauty:

Now while I’m waiting for it to arrive I’m trying to decided what kind of fabric to use for my first run of it. I was thinking a stripe like its pictured with but then thought that maybe a plaid would really make it pop nicely? I’m sure that I’ll eventually make it out of both but was curious as to opinions on which I should try first. 🙂

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