puppy dress!

by christine on February 8, 2012 · 9 comments

in 1950s,1960s

one day, i will start making things that are more appropriate for a girl my age to wear, but that isn’t today! so here is my latest version of simplicity 4270!

the fabric is something i picked up a while back at a market a few towns over…. and the trim and buttons are things i had laying around! the buttons actually aren’t functional on this, as right now i only have a straight stitch machine, and none of my button hole attachments are working, AND there is no way in hell i am hand sewing THAT many buttonholes with my crazy mystery diagnosis arm problems!

this is probably the 5th or 6th time i have used this pattern… and really it won’t be my last. at all.
so, as always more on my blog!



workshop tips!

by christine on January 18, 2012 · 12 comments

in Vintage Sewing

hey everybody! i am teaching a quick little workshop on saturday on ‘how to use a vintage sewing pattern’ to what i am assuming are people with little to no sewing experience…. i have my whole little lecture laid out with a lot of little tips and tricks…. but i was thinking that maybe some of you might be interested in sharing some of your favorite helpful tips and secrets when it comes to using old patterns!

i’ve got a few things in there on storing patterns, cutting them out, reading marks on unprinted patterns, altering the bizarro b-w-h proportions from the 1950s to 2011 sizing and so on…. so any other good hints would be appreciated :) thanks folks!



hey there guys and gals!

happy new year to everyone! i just wanted to share a quick dress i made last week-

it is super soft and comfortable to wear– and just in case you noticed, there actually aren’t orange stains on it. i replaced a jacket liner last week and am still finding tufts of orange thread on EVERYTHING i own! i sewed it up with simplicity 1538… a pattern i’ve had sitting in a box for a few years now.

it is definitely a pattern i will be using more of in the future! oh- i also wanted to share a link! my brother recently graduated college and has been on the hunt for his first real big boy job! while prepping for interviews and potential jobs and such, he realized he has a more expensive taste than a newly wed/expectant father’s budget allows for, and i live a little to far (i am the family tailor now apparently) so he figured why now buy crappy suits, and turn them into amazing ones! a few sewing lessons and lots of google-ing later, he is off to a fantastic start and has finally started a blog about it!
so, if there are any fellas out there looking for some tailor tips, or ladies looking to make their guys a little something special- check out his blog! he is awesome!

ok, so as always there is more on my blog, and also a story of the ultimate sewing saint– a woman who has given me over 1,300 sewing patterns in the past 3 years! happy sewing!



if you are making things that go on this blog, and you haven’t watched pushing daises, you are doing something wrong. anna friel’s character chuck has the GREATEST wardrobe EVER! its all very very 1950′s and 1960′s vintage, right on down to her underwear! i watched the entire series on netflix a while back and fell head over heels in love with this dress

isn’t that amazing? ugh, i needed it. i needed it bad. i had that photo saved on my computer since i saw the episode… but i haven’t had the right amount of fabric to make it until now. (everything i make is from recycled, salvaged or vintage fabrics and linens so yardage isn’t always what i hope for) last week my momma bought me a set of curtains and they became this beast:

i can hear the heavenly ”aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” every time i look at it

i am NEVER taking this off! it was a pretty tough dress to make. figuring out how to put in the zipper without taking away from the bubble skirts volume was a little tricky, but i figured it out. i also was able to add in pockets! woop! woop!

to make this i used simplicity 3430 for the top and simplicity 7995 for the bottom, and drafted the bubble myself. i had to make mine a little less big and dramatic than the original, because i do not have killer long legs. i have litte short ones and am not nearly as tall. argggggh. however– i think my fabric is cooler! sorta. at least for fall it is!

just LOOK at that texture!

in all, i think this is the best thing i have ever made. i love it! im wearing it to a wedding tonight, so hopefully i will have good photos in it later on! more on my blog like always!