Hey guys and gals! I’m trying to figure out a place that can make a lace pattern for me, and am having ZERO luck. I thought maybe some here may know a place or two? What I’m looking for is to basically have the design from a black and white illustration made into a lace [...]


i think that like, 90% of the posts i make are from the same sewing pattern… and today isn’t going to be an exception! i made this little dress last night from simplicity 4637, and am having a pretty hard time deciding if i like it or not. i just stared at it on the [...]


i recently discovered all of the glory that is bernie dexter, and of all of the amazing clothing she makes, this dress blew me away! i needed it. badly. i love how sweet and sexy it is…. i love everything about it, so being the person i am, i made it sunday afternoon! check it [...]


hey guys and gals! it’s been a little while since i posted, so i just wanted to share a few new things i’ve been working on between bigger projects! i’ve been sewing like a CHAMP lately! i made this little dress from simplicity 4637- a pattern i’ve used a few times before, to make my [...]


one day, i will start making things that are more appropriate for a girl my age to wear, but that isn’t today! so here is my latest version of simplicity 4270! the fabric is something i picked up a while back at a market a few towns over…. and the trim and buttons are things [...]


hey everybody! i am teaching a quick little workshop on saturday on ‘how to use a vintage sewing pattern’ to what i am assuming are people with little to no sewing experience…. i have my whole little lecture laid out with a lot of little tips and tricks…. but i was thinking that maybe some of [...]


hey there guys and gals! happy new year to everyone! i just wanted to share a quick dress i made last week- it is super soft and comfortable to wear– and just in case you noticed, there actually aren’t orange stains on it. i replaced a jacket liner last week and am still finding tufts of orange [...]


if you are making things that go on this blog, and you haven’t watched pushing daises, you are doing something wrong. anna friel’s character chuck has the GREATEST wardrobe EVER! its all very very 1950′s and 1960′s vintage, right on down to her underwear! i watched the entire series on netflix a while back and fell [...]


i don’t know why i have this inability to make anything that isn’t silly lately, but here i go again– SAFARI DRESS!!!! this is my honest attempt at making fall clothes. i don’t know if it’s a win or not, but i like it and at least it doesn’t have unicorns on it! i used [...]


hey there folks! i woke up this morning and decided with fall already here, it might be time to start whipping up some separates to layer once the cold weather arrives… so i pulled out this pattern that i got this weekend, and made two skirts! the first is from some almost denim weight fabric i have [...]