Hi We Sewists! Back in late November I posted about a mystery Montgomery Ward catalogue that I had luckily come into possession of. With the help of We Sew Retro contributors Tesia, Timewarpedwoman, Jessamyn, Matilda’s Girl, Cathy, Anne, Ivy, Patrice, Melissa and Tania I’ve been able to successfully date the catalogue as 1919! The website [...]

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Hi We Sewists, I was very lucky to be able to visit a still-working shirt factory in the middle of Melbourne city this week. The fabric stashes! The building! The stock! Established in the early 1950s, the business moved into its current premises in 1958… so as you can imagine, there is a lot of [...]


Hello fellow sewists, I hope you’re all having (or about to have) a wonderful Friday! I have a mystery that I’d love your help on. I have become the very happy and fortunate guardian/owner of a Montgomery Ward catalogue. A dear friend’s mother has sent it to me here in Melbourne all the way from [...]


Hi fellow sewists! I’ve just written a post on my Crimson Gardenia blog on the amazing difference that photography can make to the way clothing looks. I’m sure we’ve all been fooled by an amazing looking drawing on a sewing envelope only to be underwhelmed by the results and then notice that the artist has [...]