This dress is a frankenstein project. It’s half retro and half….um, classic? The bodice is the “Vintage Vogue” reprint, Vogue 2960. It’s the same pattern I used for my Cloud Dress. I slapped it onto an eight-gore flared skirt (recently OOP Vogue 7910) to make something with plenty of twirl that didn’t require The Fluffer. [...]


My first foray back into sewing after having a baby was Simplicity 8125, a very cute dress from the late 1960′s. I love to look at it on my dressform, but when it comes to wearing it, it sucks. The whole thing just won’t stay put! More details on my blog, Chronically Uncool.


Have you checked out the Vintage Sewing Patterns Wiki lately? More than 17,000 patterns have been submitted! Many contributors and editors have helped to tidy up the category tags, so it’s even easier to find patterns with your favorite features. It’s awesome! I could spend days hitting the Random Page button! The recent post about [...]


Does anyone know what women of the 1950′s and early 1960′s did to facilitate breastfeeding while wearing fabulous dresses? Surely some women must have done it. Have you ever seen any patterns or old magazines that offer tips on modifying the dresses of the era for nursing access? Care to share with a mom-to-be? I’ll [...]


This is a retro-style suit I made from a self-drafted pattern. It was my first swimsuit and my first attempt at drafting, so it was a long process. I eventually gave up the drafting and just improvised. I documented it in exhaustive detail on my blog, Chronically Uncool. All the posts about this adventure are [...]


This is Simplicity 4662, from the early 1940′s (probably 1942 1943). I made it in black linen to wear to my grandmother’s memorial service last weekend. I wrote about my grandmother and my motivation to make this dress on my blog. I had to rush to finish it in time, so it turned out OK [...]


Remember my version of Vogue 2960? When I made it, I realized that it deserves a petticoat. (Petticoat? Crinoline? Whatever.) I’m all about the instant gratification, so I didn’t make one, I bought it on eBay. It’s two layers of ruffly netting, with a length of approximately 24 inches. I like it much better with [...]


This is Vogue 2960, a 1954 vintage pattern that was recently re-released. I used a home dec cotton with a fluffy cloud print. I also shortened the hem, used snaps instead of buttons, and added some elastic to fix a slouchy shoulder problem. This is a spectacular success for me, especially considering my pathetic last [...]


Sometimes I get a little bit discouraged seeing how awesome all the projects are on Sew Retro. Is there a rule that we should only post the ones that turn out well? Or does everybody only post the projects they are proud of? I hope I’m not out of line posting something that didn’t turn [...]


This is Style 4408, from 1973. I made attempted to make the view with the short sleeves, without the little tie at the neck. I bought this pattern in a B42, even though I am B36 (when stuffed). I had to do some major adjusting to the bodice to deal with that extra six inches [...]