Remember this free pattern from the V&A Museum’s Golden Age of Couture exhibition? I made it to wear to see the exhibit (now traveling the world) in Nashville.

I love the way this dress turned out and I had a great time in Nashville with Gertie and my fellow vintage clothing enthusiasts. This project is my best work yet!


Details about the construction on Pattern Review and on my blog, Chronically Uncool.


Update: Found it! Thanks Nathalie!!!


I’m looking for a scan of the pattern envelope for Simplicity 5018, this lovely wrapped top. I believe it is from 1963, based on the pattern number…and the hair.

I found the pattern pieces and the instruction sheet in a junk shop, but the envelope is missing. Please let me know if you spot it. I’d love to have a scan of the front and back of the envelope.

I already sent a request to Pattern Rescue and I’m cross posting this to my blog, Chronically Uncool. Any other ideas?


I’ve finally recovered from the Vogue 8956 ordeal. Now I’m trying to sew from the stash and make items for which I already have the right accessories (mostly that means shoes). I’d like your suggestions. My first question is: Raincoat or dress? Is it weird to sew a raincoat at the beginning of summer? I have the fabric and the cutest! retro! rainproof! shoes! I’m very tempted. But if you say dress, I’d like to know which of my two fabrics and six suitable patterns is the ideal combination. My stash is glorious but must be tamed! (Also ix-nay on the ending-spay until I can make some room in the closet.)

Here are a few pattern pictures to get you thinking…

Come on over to Chronically Uncool to see the shoes, the fabrics, and the rest of the patterns. Most importantly, give me your two cents!


I’ve received some great things from my fellow vintage sewing bloggers in the last couple of years and it’s time to pay it forward with my first ever giveaway. I have four patterns to give away, and all of them are variations on the Butterick Walkaway Dress. Entries close at noon on Friday. To enter, come on over to my blog, Chronically Uncool.

Here are the patterns:

Pattern sizes and entry details are posted at Chronically Uncool!