I have made Butterick 9214 again.I didn’t intend to, but I made a coat muslin with some cheap op-shop tartan that looked pretty good and I couldn’t bear to throw it away so I lined it and made a reversible coat with it. I still have a bit of work on it, but as soon as [...]


I had so much fun.  We had amazing weather all weekend and I got to play with my new dress… and played, and played … … and then played some more. There are a few style that fit me better, but once you have it on, you actually forget about it. Wrapped up properly, I [...]


I finished something yesterday. It feels really good because I have several projects going on at the same time and I feel like I am suffering from ADD. I used Craftzine’s Reversible Wrap Skirt pattern, which is free and a fine pattern if you are not printing it in Europe on A4 paper. There is a [...]


This is Muslin n° 2 of Butterick 9214, a 50′s housecoat pattern with which I want to make a great big red wool winter coat.I am not entirely dissatisfied with the muslin save from the fact that it’s way too small for a winter coat. How do I add the necessary ease? How much? Where? [...]


The Infinite Dress, in the wild! We finally saw the sun today for the whole day, which felt like a miracle. But I wasn’t foolish enough to undress, it’s still nippy, so I am wearing a pair of jeans and a sweater underneath. I do think it’s enough for you to get the idea though.It’s [...]


Original post here Just a word to tell you about what’s coming up and to show you one of the most extraordinary pattern piece I’ve ever sewn. I will gladly take tips on how to sew stretch material with a regular machine here. I’ve also set up a Facebook CarmencitaB page where I link to [...]


I finished this dress just in the nick of time for the New Year Eve party. I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and very many stitches.


It’s been a while since I sewed something vintage, but winter’s coming and I needed warmth, so I made a cosy housecoat to kick around the house.  I think it would make an exceptional winter coat as well, I just waiting to run into the right fabric.


More vintage French patterns. If I were to make this one, anyone of you can tell me how to do the welt pocket in the princess seam thingamagig? The instructions have been lost. 

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My friend has a stash of French vintage patterns and I got to look at them. This one is from 1936. Don’t you love that the instructions are printed on the enveloppe? Don’t forget that you have until Friday to post a funny line here, the great Pattern Junkie will be the judge.