Button Bunny

I got some more of that fab animal print and made two outfits (in a suprisingly (for me) short space of time!) The first I completed was ‘Simplicity 5753′ from 1964, then I made a mini version using ‘Style 1966′ from 1977. They have both turned out well, though I am Not going to wear [...]


Hi, I have just an hour or so ago finished this top. It is a Maudella 5123 from I think the 50′s (?) Anyway I thought it would only take a couple of sewing sessions and it did because I Cheated! It was supposed to have a side zip and I tacked one in then [...]


Hello,  here is the story of my pencil skirt that I have just finished. I’m actually not sure what information is too much on here so I will keep it short and sweet and you can see the full story on my blog = http://buttonbunny.blogspot.com/ This is the pattern I used, the size was actually [...]