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I am making myself a new pencil skirt. I want to make a red one (but haven’t yet found a red fabric I like enough) and a black one. You may remember that I already made a black one, ”What do you need another one for?” Well, it shrunk in the wash.(That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!
Anyway… This is the book I got my inspiration from, and as Gertie was inspired to make all the Vogue patterns I am going to try and make most of Gerties patterns. (I say most because some are versions of another thing, like a pencil skirt with flounces)

I actually steamed straight in and made a lining…It was enormous! I made the next size down, I was a smaller size than I thought what was my size…Still huge! I measured myself again extra carefully and measured the lining, What was going on? So I decided to read further into the book again and found a sizing chart. Turns out it is American sizing so I am only a size 8 ! (Yes 8!) I decided to read the instructions extra specially carefully after that!
I wanted to do interlining, so I did it almost like the instructions! I actually cut the lining and fabric separately and then pinned them together. I basted using threads I recycled from the old lining I had made.
Also I used another technique I had never before and that was making dart and zip marks etc using a spiky wheel (tracing wheel) and sewing carbon paper…

The next step in the instructions was to stitch the darts…

Then I actually ironed the darts! (And baste stitched them flat within the seam allowances just to be posh!) I even removed the centre dart tacking and rewrapped it around my empty bobbing so I can use it again.

This is how neat I am hoping it’s going to be when finished! And the boning is my next job. Will I follow all the instructions carefully..?


You can see a bit more and some extra photos on my blog here…




I got some more of that fab animal print and made two outfits (in a suprisingly (for me) short space of time!) The first I completed was ‘Simplicity 5753′ from 1964, then I made a mini version using ‘Style 1966′ from 1977. They have both turned out well, though I am Not going to wear mine outdoors, though Baby Bunny says she will! Here are a couple of pictures, I have put more on my blog here… http://buttonbunny.blogspot.co.uk/ . Thanks for looking. Oh, and I’m not making anything else out of this fabric for a while, very slippy fray-ey and, well, five items in the same print is enough(I think!)


The blue top but printy...

And matching ribbon around the arm holes....

Hi, I have just an hour or so ago finished this top. It is a Maudella 5123 from I think the 50′s (?) Anyway I thought it would only take a couple of sewing sessions and it did because I Cheated! It was supposed to have a side zip and I tacked one in then unpicked it and stitched up the side seam beacause I could fit the top on over my head. It was also supossed to have short sleeves but I didn’t put them in because I decided I liked it without, and it was supposed to have a neck facing which I left out because I was feeling too lazy to put it in and just made a very small hem instead! The other thing I cheated on was the bust size I was going to be really good and alter the pattern using a method I had just learnt of… http://www.nancyzieman.com/blog/sewing-general/sewing-and-quilting-questions-answers%E2%80%94choosing-the-right-sewing-pattern-size/
But instead I just stitched in another dart. The pattern pieces were only marked with dots and the instructions were rather sparse.The material I chose … I had never really been a fan of animal prints, avoiding them feeling they were a bit busty, blousy barmaid for me (visions of Bet Lynch!) Anyway recently they have been growing on me (not literally!) and so I bought this one and Suprise I l.ike it and think it actually looks rather fetching on me!
I have put more pictures on my blog, here… http://buttonbunny.blogspot.co.uk/


Hello,  here is the story of my pencil skirt that I have just finished.

I’m actually not sure what information is too much on here so I will keep it short and sweet and you can see the full story on my blog = http://buttonbunny.blogspot.com/

This is the practice one I made just to check the size before I cut up my best material!

This is the pattern I used, the size was actually spot on for measurements. I only had to make a couple of adjustments. One for hips, one for the actual length, as the shortest length was still a bit long and one for skirt width at the bottom.(I wanted it as 50′s glam as pos!)

One of two Aaagghh! moments. This one a seam ripper accident...


And the other was a mistake in the pinning of the waistband, I had to then make a bit to add on…

(for some reason the next photo keeps wanting to go to the top of the page so I can’t put the finished picture on)

But anyway, it turned out alright in the end. Please take a look at my blog to see the full story and more pictures!


Button Bunny x