One of my 1930s needlework books (from my ever expanding vintage craft and sewing library) had some very basic instructions for making a bra out of a hankie. I decided I would use an original Art Deco silk crepe hankie and some ribbons from my ribbon box to have a go. There was a lot [...]


OK, my bust hasn’t measured 32″ (the size of this vintage 50s pattern) since circa 1972, but by using every scrap of width in this old shift dress I managed to adapt it to fit.  Paisleys have to be amongst my favourite textiles.  Below pics of the top pattern I used and the vintage shift dress [...]


=+= Make do & mend equation =+= 1 x grey wool 60s coat multiplied by 1 x 1940s home needlecraft book = 1 warm coat for small dog and 1 applique 40s style bolero Have been sewing and crafting since I was a small child, so yes, that’s well over forty years now!  Love retro [...]