So I decided to dive into the 2014 Historical Sew Fortnightly hosted by the wonderful Leimomi. She hosted the same event last year but most of the sewing I did fell outside of the dates for the challenges. This year the date has been extended to 1945, so my WW2 pattern stash can finally be put to [...]


I was thinking about making Simplicity 0260 and I was wondering about what size to cut out. I usually cut out a 12 with a 34″ bust but the wearing ease on the pattern says it comes out to 41″. That seems like it’s going to drown me in fabric. I looked at a size [...]


Happy Independence Day Everyone!! (well now it’s a bit late because I didn’t get my picture up in time) This year I decided to make a dress for the 4th. M was going to take me to Community Days to walk around and then Saturday are the fireworks but we watch them from the roof. [...]


well it’s actually a bathing suit from Mrs. Depew Vintage but I figured I would make a playsuit first and then go for the bathing suit. I made the one piece with a chambray colored lining and a pretty floral for the outside. I bought the PDF pattern from Mrs. Depew and started to print [...]


So another WW2 Weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum has come and gone. This year it fell over M’s Birthday so I treated him to tickets to the event. I made Simplicity 3673 for the event. I bought a reproduction pattern cheap on Etsy and I don’t think I’ll buy from the seller again. The [...]


Believe it or not this dress was made out of an old fitted bed sheet. the elastic was shot but it only cost $2.48 at Goodwill so I bought it and it turned into a fantastic dress. The pattern is Hollywood 1271; the only change I had to make to the pattern was to shorten the [...]