Vintage gloves?

by audrey86 on November 14, 2012 · 4 comments

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Hi there!

I’ve tried several times to make me a pair of gloves using vintage glove patterns but everytime they end up in the wastebin. I jjust cannot make gloves… Around the knuckles just above the palm I measure 8.5″ so finding vintage ones is almost impossible. Is there someone who CAN sew gloves (for me)?



Hi you all!

I saw this dress, worn by Betty Draper in the MadMen series, and fell in love with it’s fabric (love the model too but that is not an issue). Does anyone know what kind of fabric it is and by what keywords I can search for it. I like the fading watercolour effect on the flowers but the fabric itself is very nice too… *Sigh*


This was my first attempt working with vintage patterns using a McCall’s 6020 pattern. It worked out pretty good, easier then I thought. Though this is a muslin version from a scrap fabric, it’s nice enough to wear because I made it as I would make it with a more expensive fabric. Next time I will pick one size smaller if I use a 60′s pattern, I’d like it to be a bit more fitted in the waist. It has a lovely draped tied collar in the front and a left side seam blind zipper.


Hi everyone!

The other day Nava posted a thread, sizing accuracy about the Simplicity patterns in the 60′s and 70′s. Now I wondered if the ease is huge too in de 1930′s 40′s and 50′s? And what about the difference in sizing between the brands? McCalls, Simplicity, Butterick, Vogue a.o.? Can someone tell me more about it?

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