This morning I finished Vogue 8767, a 30s reproduction pattern, and I wanted to share the result with you! I was really in need of a new spring dress, and I think this dress is perfect. I love the jabot, belt and puffed sleeves! The construction of this dress went so smoothly, I even got [...]


I had this pattern in my stash for a while, but didn’t think of using it until the Sew For Victory Sewalong. This pattern was used by a couple of sewalongers and it inspired me of making my own version! I’m not really a trousers girl. Most often I wear skirts or dresses. I own [...]


It took me some time (due to some health issues), but it’s done! I finished my outfit in time for the Sew for Victory Sewalong! This also means I finished the first 2 patterns of my Lutterloh 1941 project! I drafted both patterns myself. This was my first blouse pattern and third dress I ever drafted. [...]


I made some pictures of a couple of my completed projects. They are quite matching which wasn’t rally planned, but it feels good to wear an almost completely me-made-outfit! Let’s start with the skirt!  I almost can’t remember when I started making this skirt! Ok, I’m exaggerating! But it was early september when I started [...]


Hello! It’s been a while since I blogged here for the last time. But I finally finished something to share here! I made a blouse from Simplicity pattern 3638 view 1. The skirt is a try out. I drafted the pattern myself using Simplicity 4828 as inspiration. I’m not completely satisfied yet, but I still like [...]


Yes! I finally finished something! My last finished project was over 3 months ago! I made circle skirt using a cute printed cotton with a Delft Blue design. The fabric was in my stash for over 3 years. I bought it quit impulsively and didn’t now what to do with it.  But when I was [...]


A while ago I wrote about the blouses I wanted to make using one basic pattern. This is the 4th blouse I made out of it. Because I don’t have any skirts to match the blouse I decided to sew a skirt as well. I changed quite a lot about the basic blouse pattern. I [...]


Today I finished my 70s Boudoir Dress. I decided to name the dress after the fabric which it’s made of.  I was really glad with how the dress turned out and was eager to take pictures of it. When I finished the dress this morning I tried it on and then the worst thing happened (well [...]


Finally I finished one of my sewing projects! Well, what can I write about it? I used a modern pattern which I altered. This is actually my third blouse using this pattern. If you want to see the other blouses click here and here. I added a bow, a slightly bigger one then in one of the other [...]


A while ago I bought a Lutterloh pattern book dating back to 1941. The book contains miniature patterns which you have resize to your own size using a special ruler with a scale. Because I’m new to this system I decided to start with something ‘easy’.  I choose a plaided skirt.   When I finshed [...]