I know this blog is all about sewing. But I wanted to share my latest finished knitting projects with you anyway. I used a 40s pattern Bestway 1491.


Last june I started knitting this cardi and I finished it today. It was a long journey, because I used 2 and 2.5 mm knitting needles and because I made a few mistakes.  First I discovered my back piece was too small so I had to reknit this one.  And later on I discovered my sleeve heads were way too big and couldn’t fit into the armholes. So I had to reknit the sleeve heads as well.

In the end I’m quite happy with the cardigan. It fits very well into my wardrobe so I have plenty of options to create different outfits with this cardigan.

Yes, I’m happy with the result!

There is more on my blog.


Do you knit retro as well?




Lutterloh Dress

by Anthea on October 22, 2013 · 19 comments

in Vintage Sewing

Ok, I’m a bit excited! After all those weeks of pattern drafting,  making muslins, sewing, loosing my sewing mojo after a break, I finished my Lutterloh dress!! And I’m so happy with the result! I just needed to dress up although I don’t leave the house today except for walking with Bear. But sometimes it’s just fun to dress up with no particular reason :) And this dress just deserves it!

 Lutterloh 1941 Dress made by Anthea

 When I got my Lutterloh 1941 book, this was one of my favourite dresses. The silhouette is very flattering with the double V-shaped yoke, puffed sleeves and wide skirt. Here’s the illustration from the book:

Lutterloh 1941 Dress made by Anthea

I used my sloper pattern to draft the pattern of this dress.  I used the miniature pattern from the book as a guide while drafting the pattern. The book has little to no sewing instructions, so every step you have to plan by yourself.

Lutterloh 1941 Dress made by Anthea

As you can see the dress has lots of details, like the lace and the bow.  I tried to recreate this dress as closely as possible. And that wasn’t easy. Especially when it comes to the sleeves. In the picture you see the cuff isn’t straight, but it runs into a point. Also the cuff is incorporated in the sleeve, as you can see here:

Lutterloh 1941 Dress made by Anthea

It took many muslins and alterations to get recreate the sleeve pattern. And in the end I wished I went for a straight cuff, because the effect is so little compared to all the effort I put into it. But I shouldn’t complain.

Lutterloh 1941 Dress made by Anthea

The illustration shows lace sewn to the buttonhole placket. At first I didn’t see it on the illustration, and when I discovered it I didn’t like it very much. For me everything has to have a certain symmetry. And I was too far progressed with the dress to add lace to the other side of the placket. Instead I choose to add lace to the lower part of the yoke. 

Lutterloh 1941 Dress made by Anthea

 At a certain moment I was a bit unsure about the black buttons and bow. Did it do justice to the dress? But when I tried it on, I knew it was right. 

Lutterloh 1941 Dress made by Anthea

 Oh, and to show you how happy I am with the dress I added this picture:

Lutterloh 1941 Dress made by Anthea







I finally finished my playsuit!



It’s Advance 3483


Here’s a pic with skirt:

I’m very happy with the result! I definitely want to make more playsuits in the future!

There is more on my blog :)


I wanted to share one of my latest sewing projects with you. It’s a 1938 Lutterloh pattern from one of the Lutterloh books I have.

There were some difficulties with the pattern. I used the special ruler which you need to draft the minature patterns and made a first muslin. It was one big disaster. There were so many fitting issues.

I decided to do things differently and drafted my own pattern. I had a lot of help from my sewing teacher, because I never drafted raglan sleeves before.

I also didn’t know what to do with the neckline (see picture below). I wanted a black bow collar but the result wasn’t like what I imagined. So I removed the collar and added a seperate blow. Now the necklkine looked too plain. Then I got another idea, adding a black trim. To give the neckline a subtle black accent.

In the end I’m very happy with the result. You can read more about the dress on my blog!