Lutterloh dress

by Anthea on July 31, 2014 · 2 comments

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Hi all!

I just want to share my latest finished sewing project with you. I made a dress from a Lutterloh pattern book. It’s from 1941.























When I saw this dress for the first time, I was sure I wanted it to make it some day. And that just happened!



















I made a few changes. First I made a full button down closure instead of stopping halfway. And I just added one pocket instead of 3. That didn’t happen on purpose. I just missed the pockets at hip level. But I don’t really regret it. Because I don’t really feel like accentuating my hips anyway.






















There are more pictures on my blog!


A 40s Trio

by Anthea on June 19, 2014 · 4 comments

in Vintage Sewing

Hi all, I want to share my latest sewing project with you. I wanted to make a completely me made outfit and here’s the result.

I have blogged about this blouse before, but it’s form a 40s pattern and has lots op pin tucks and lace insertions. I think the details really makes this blouse more interesting.

The plaided skirt I drafted myself some years ago, but I had some difficulties with the zipper and as a result the skirt disappeared in the UFO pile. It took some years to take it up again and finish it. But now I’m really glad that it’s finished. I really wanted a classic plaid skirt for a very long time and now I finally have one!

I crocheted the purse. Since the pattern description was pretty vague it was quite a challenge. I added very heay interfacing so the purse contains its shape.

There is more on my blog!



Yay! I finished my Sew For Victory dress! The pattern I used is Hollywood 1335. My aim was to make a perfect spring/summer dress. I think the fabric just breathes those seasons with the bright colors and floral print. 



What I love about this pattern are the ruffles and the pleated skirt. Actually the pleats hold little pockets, which is such a smart design feature!

Sewing this dress went pretty ok. I had a few difficulties during the process. The sleeve cap had too much ease. I tried different methods to get the sleeves in smoothly, but with no good results. So I gathered the sleeve cap to create a little puffed sleeve. 

I also had some problems with the buttonholes. Well one buttonhole, to be more precise. I had to redo this particular button hole 4 times before I got the result I wanted. How frustrating.

And I couldn’t use my serger because it has some difficulties. Instead I choose to use seam binding. This seam binding was a gift from a friend! Look how beautiful the inside looks! This is really the best way of finishing edges! I really want to use seam binding more often in future projects. We don’t have this in the Netherlands as far is I know, so I really need to find a good online shops with reasonable (shipping) prices. Any suggestions are very welcome :)

The best thing about this dress is my boyfriends opinion. Normally he doesn’t really like my floral dresses. But this one he does like. He said he thinks the dress and colors really suits me. How cute!


For a long time I wanted to sew a peplum blouse. I think this style is really flattering, accentuating the waist and the gathered peplum gives you a curvier look. It’s really feminime. 

 The pattern really inspired me with the fabric choice. As you can see, the illustration shows a striped fabric. And I had a striped fabric for years in my stash. I think it’s a match made in heaven. Ok, maybe I’m exaggurating a little, but still.


It was really hard to cut everything out of the fabric. Not only because of the stripes, but I hadn’t enough fabric for this pattern. But with som trial and error and a little bit of cheating I made it work. 

I had to make the hem width of the skirt a couple of inches smaller otherwise I wouldn’t make it. The skirt doesn’t have a waistband, but a facing. originally the centre front and back parts of the skirt needed to be cut along the fold. I couldn’t do this, and had to add a seam. 

i really stepped out of my comfortzone, using a bold striped fabric. Normally I’m more into floral prints. I’m not sure if it’s totally my cup of tea. What do you think?

As always you can fin more on my blog