Being between flats and jobs is not the most desirable place to be. That is, however, the case and that’s why I have been so very quiet here. I made this simple but cute black 50′s circle skirt to bear the heat of the summer in London. The pattern is the same as in this [...]


It’s been awfully long since I last posted here. Worry not- I see some vintage sewing in the near future! Now I would need all your lovely fellow sewers help. Would anyone happen to know any pattern similar to Marty’s gorgeous yellow top in the carnival scenes of Grease? I haven’t been able to find [...]


This one isn’t exactly a sewing project, but I thought I’d still share it with you guys. It does include some little sewing. And gluing and tying. It’s a simple bandana look-a-like  headband! This is a great solution for those who (like me) used to spend hours and hours trying to tie a bandana properly [...]


After drooling over a navy blue circle skirt on ebay, with a £50 price tag I headed to the local craft shop for cheaper option. All the materials for making one myself cost me exactly £10, so obviously buying from ebay was out of the question. This lovely light-weight but still thick(ish) syntethic blended fabric [...]


I am a young lady from Finland, currently living in London UK, having the time of my life! Everything crafty is me, I love sewing, knitting, crocheting, paper crafts, embroidery and pretty much anything else you can think of! I have a passion for vintage, especially for 50′s and rockabilly. I work as a nanny [...]