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Betty Skirt from Shaffer Sisters

By on July 20, 2014
Betty Skirt pattern for 18" dolls

Hi guys! The Betty Skirt pattern from Shaffer Sisters will be re-released next week with extended girls sizes, up to size 16x. The skirt is knee length with a deep yoke, inspired by the 1930s.

Betty Skirt for 18" doll | SewsNBows

There’s a pleated, gathered, or button placket version.

Betty Skirt

This is a girls button placket version I made last year.

As you can see, I like to use a vintage inspired (or just plain vintage!) patterns and pair them with modern fabric. Sometimes crazy notions add a fun look. I’m not bold enough for some of my favorite looks, so making for kiddos is fun.

Anyways, the Betty Skirt re-release includes a bonus 18″ doll pattern so I thought I’d pop over and show you. I don’t get to sew as much vintage (inspired, or otherwise) as I’d like; so any excuse to come say hi:)

PS there is a free pattern for this skirt in newborn size here.

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1940s | Vintage Sewing

1940s inspired dress

By on April 8, 2014
1940s inspired vintage dress

I sewed this dress as a muslin for the Hollywood Sewalong challenge. This seasons movie theme is The Notebook.

Hollywood Sewalong: The Notebook | SewsNBows
Butterick 5846

I love the pleats and shirtdress style! It’s actually my first successful women’s clothing garment in a decade. I mostly sew for kids. So I’m proud of it even though there’s plenty of room for improvement.

1940s inspired vintage dress with pleated bodice

I have a few things I need to work on for my final dress, like making my slip stitched collar look nice. The bodice back is very roomy, and it bunches out. I need to figure out a way to eliminate some of the bulk. I know it’s a popular style right now, but it’s not for me! (Photos on the blog, linked below.)

Butterick 5846 by SewsNBows

I’d love any tips you might have for me! Also, I thought the We Sew Retro readers may like to stop by and see all the other 1940’s inspiration! Our final reveal is in May. Read about it here: SewsNBows Hollywood Sewalong : Part II.

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1920s | Vintage Sewing

Betty Skirt Pattern from Shaffer Sisters

By on February 23, 2014
Betty Skirt pattern | SewsNBows

The Betty Skirt pattern is the debut pattern from Shaffer Sisters!

Betty Skirt pattern | SewsNBows

I thought some of you retro sewists might like the 1920’s inspired deep yoke, and 8 or 16 gore pleat options. It goes up to a girls size 10, but I hear rumors that it may be sized up to teen & women’s soon!

Betty Skirt in Denim with Mother of Pearl Buttons

You can see photos, pattern options, and a link to the designers at SewsNBows. I’m really proud of Shaffer Sisters for working so hard to release their first pattern!

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Gatsby Dress

By on December 28, 2013
Gatsby Dress | SewsNBows

Gatsby Dress by SewsNBows

I recently got to pattern test the new Gatsby dress pattern from Heidi&Finn. It’s such an easy, fun sew! I read every post at WeSewRetro, but I rarely get to contribute. I’m sort of sneaking this one in, since it’s a modern pattern and modern fabrics! But there’s a distinctly vintage flavor to this dress that I love.

Gatsby Dress by SewsNBows

This is a child’s pattern, and I made the biggest size for Isabelle, 10/12. The fabric is crushed panne & stretch lace. That alone is pretty much a sin against vintage sewing, but I had to keep it kid friendly or it wouldn’t get worn!

Gatsby Dress | SewsNBows

I love the Grecian style fashions that were so popular in the roaring 20s! If you’d like to stop by SewsNBows to see more photos, I’d love a visit!

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Lucinda Skirt by SewsNBows

By on June 14, 2013

I thought I’d drop by and show off this lovely fabric I bought a while back! It’s a vintage cotton, salvaged from an estate sale. I love the watercolor floral print. I also love that this fabric is old enough that it was made right here in America. I purchase vintage fabric every chance I get, because my money stays here in the United States, and because American made anything is hard to come by.


The ric-rac is vintage too- the retro packaging was labeled .19 cents!


I used the super awesome Lucinda pattern from BeMyGoth. I can’t say enough good things about the pattern designer! (By the way, there’s a free lace top pattern available for download there!)


I have more photos of my Lucinda Skirt over at my blog, SewsNBows. You’re welcome to drop by any time for a visit!

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Ruffle Top & Jeans

By on June 7, 2013

By Amy Mayen


For this sweet little outfit I used the E&E Ruffle Top pattern, and McCalls 6390 for the jeans.


The fabric I used for the ruffled tunic is light, soft, and flowy. It has a delicate floral print with lavender, yellow, kelly green & teal, and peach on a cream background. It’s a textile lovers dream.


I have full pattern reviews and lots of gratuitous pictures of my brat over at SewsNBows. Stop by sometime & check it out!


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Vintage Sewing

Tea Time Dress

By on June 5, 2013


Submitted by Amy Mayen of SewsNBows


I used New Look 6884, to make this dress for my super awesome kid.


I used another vintage fabric, with another delicate floral print. I don’t think the small prints photograph well, but I love the way they look in real life.


I used more vintage buttons. These buttons make my heart flutter.


This is my first entry to We Sew Retro! If you’d like to see the full post, visit SewsNBows!

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