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Modes Et Travaux

By on January 19, 2012

Today I was looking on ebay for random vintage loveliness and I came across a couple of Modes et Travaux magazines from the 1950’s. I already have several but I have a problem and just can’t seem to stop… which led to me seriously diminishing my paypal account, and writing a blog post to make myself feel less guilty. I mean, I’m doing it for the blog, right? It’s practically a public service… or so I’ll tell my husband if he asks.

I started the post over on A Few Threads Loose with just a few gems from my collection like these:

And then I just kept going. There’s a lot of frilly, fancy eye candy and you can see more here.

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Modes et Travaux ~ December, 1949

By on December 9, 2011

Today for your eye candy super happy fun time I have pictures of the very best that  Modes et Travaux had to offer in fashion, sewing, and hand work in December of 1949.
I published this over on my blog A Few Threads Loose and thought you might all enjoy it. If you’re into this sort of thing, I post vintage fashion magazine tidbits there regularly.
I was elated to win this edition on ebay because the cover is a beautiful sketch of a creation by none other then Christian Dior.

A white evening gown by Dior with the illustration by Artist Pierre Mourgue.

Does it get any better? Does it? Nope. Ah this dress, the stuff of dreams. I immediately set out to find photographs of it, and I’m still not sure I have the same dress but here is a photo of a Dior gown from 1949:

Lillian Bassman, Fantasy on the dance floor, Barbara Mullen, dress by Christian Dior, Paris, 1949. photo courtesy Phillips de Pury & Company

There isn’t anything in the actual magazine about the design on the cover (what?!) so moving on we can see the lovely full-page advertisements that the magazine starts out with.

And then we are told what to wear for every winter occasion. I hate that I can’t just go out and buy these anymore. Was anyone else born in the completely wrong decade?




I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.
Is there any one vintage fashion item that you wish you could just go out and buy at your local mall? For me, it would be lovely fur trimmed sweaters with beaded details.

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The Vintage Lingerie Sew-Along is half done!

By on November 4, 2011

Hello all, a few weeks ago I posted that I would be starting a vintage lingerie sew-along over on my blog A Few Threads Loose using this vintage pattern reproduction PDF.

We have finished with the bra and tap pants and we’ll soon be starting on the matching slip and camisole. You’re all still welcome to join and give lingerie a try!

This being my first sew along, and with a vintage pattern that had a couple of small design flaws, it was an interesting go round… plus I totally bombed matching my plaids due to a fabric shortage and a vodka overabundance.

Pauline Bra
Pauline Tap Pants

You can see more photos at A Few Threads Loose!


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A Compendium of Lingerie Patterns…

By on September 27, 2011

Hello all,
Over at my blog A Few Threads Loose I’m gearing up for a lingerie sew-along. We’re looking at mostly vintage patterns, and the voting for which pattern we’ll use has started. Anyone is welcome to join, of course. We’ll be starting out by making our pattern in comfy, soft, and affordable flannel for the fall, and then those who are interested can give it a try with nicer, harder to sew fabrics.

While I was putting the post together, I ended up finding some really great lingerie patterns, both vintage and new, as well as some great pattern finding resources. It sort of ended up as a nice thorough compendium of current and vintage lingerie patterns made available in pdf/ e-pattern, reproduction, and printed forms. It could be a helpful resource if you’re looking for a great bra, tap panties, slip or teddy pattern. Check it out!

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