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A Completely Reversible 1930’s Silk Brassiere

By on August 25, 2014

Sewing #610
Recently I’ve been on a complete lingerie sewing bender! I made a silk crepe de chine bra and was so delighted with the comfort and luxury of it that I decided to host a sew-along and make a few more.


I started with the fabric from an old pair of silk charmeuse pajama pants that hadn’t survived my restless sleeping for long, and then found a lovely black silk blouse at a thrift shop for the lining (can you tell my fabric order was woefully late in arriving?).

For the pattern, I used my 1930’s French Brassiere reproduction pattern and I couldn’t be happier with how well this bra fits!

I’m a huge fan of using historically accurate sewing and embellishment techniques so I included a few tutorials on adding spiderweb silk roses and French knots, covered truing darts, adding straps and closure options, and voila! A completely reversible silk bra!



IMG_7590  IMG_7595

Depending on the top I’m wearing, I can wear the bra in blue or black to suit my fashion needs and if I wear a really low-cut top (not that I have so many of those) the rosettes and French knots are a lovely little accent to peak out of my neckline.

If you would like to join in (it’s never to late and I’m always happy to answer questions!) or if you would just like to learn a few bra sewing techniques, you can find every step of the sew-along here, on my blog A Few Threads Loose.

Happy Sewing!

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The Super-Secret Christmas Robe from 1951

By on January 7, 2014

A couple of years ago, I found an amazing vintage Mens’ robe pattern on Etsy and fell in love. I snapped it up, ordered some gorgeous rayon fabric and some ultra-soft micro fleece to line it with. When the pattern arrived  I was so excited… and then somehow I never made it. You know how it is, projects pile up, work gets too busy and then before you know it, it’s two years later – no robe.

So this year I was determined to sew it for my husband for Christmas, and I was determined that he wouldn’t even know I was sewing something for him. In the middle of finals project and a really busy month at Mrs. Depew Vintage I was sewing this robe like a crazy person. And let me tell you, lining rayon with micro fleece is about as easy as getting a puppy to hold still during a cat parade.

I sewed between assignments and studying, before and after work, at midnight while he was working night shifts (gotta love the military) and every time my husband rode his motorcycle into the driveway I madly dashed to stash everything into my studio closet and delint the threads from my clothes to hide any evidence of my undertaking.

Vogue 8753 Robe Front


Vogue 8753 Robe Lining.


Vogue 8753 Robe Cuff Embroidery

The work paid off though and it came out perfect –  and he loves it!

If you’d like to see more pictures (I didn’t want to bore you with too much) you can read the full post on my blog A Few Threads Loose.

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A Fabric Encyclopedia

By on June 14, 2013

Hello all,
The fabrics called for on the backs of our vintage patterns are sometimes a complete mystery to us. What the heck is sharkskin? Why on earth am I supposed to sew my bathing suit from it? For a long time now I’ve been consulting all of my vintage sewing books and patterns to put together a comprehensive vintage fabric encyclopedia.

It’s rather large or I would post it here. You can find the complete encyclopedia on my blog A Few Threads Loose.

I hope many of you find it useful for your future vintage sewing projects!

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Lingerie in Profile: A Beautiful Lace Bra

By on June 10, 2012

Today over on A Few Threads Loose I posted about a wonderful piece of vintage lingerie from my personal collection. I wanted to share it with all of you over here at We Sew Retro as well because it was just too pretty not to!

This 1930’s bra has many hand made details but has a size 34 label so it was most likely made for resale at a very nice shop. The straps, rosette and binding are all silk ribbon, and the lace is incredibly soft.

Notice the lovely tricolor petals on the silk rosette and these little center pleats to give fullness to the bust… a lovely but futile attempt with a bra that reveals nearly everything.

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Anna Interviews a Corset Maker

By on March 17, 2012
Many of us in the bloggosphere have had corsets on the mind lately. Between the Ooh la la  Pin-Up Sew-Along, the 100 year commemoration of the Titanic sinking related sewing, and Downtown Abbey related sewing, we’ve seen a lot of beautiful corset posts lately!Here’s one more… For yesterday’s post on A Few Threads Loose I interviewed my mother (the biggest expert on corsets you’ll ever find) movie costumier, vintage corset collector, seamstress and restorer extraordinaire. It was near and dear to my heart so I just had to share with you all.

Mom, I know this story by heart, but for my readers, when did your love affair with with vintage begin? 

Many years ago I got into the vintage clothing business.   I was actually 12 when I fell in love with vintage after winning a contest for best period costume.  By the time I got into college I was often found closing down the library at K-State buried in the archives of the Delineator books that you couldn’t check out but could copy.
I would swoon at the lingerie of the day, my favorite era being 1890’s through the early Deco era.  The corsets, camisoles and pantaloons made me want to go back in time just to be able to wear them.

Delieator page, Image courtesy of Magazineart.org

Delieator page, Image courtesy of Magazineart.org
When it occurred to me that I had enough vintage stashed away to open a shop, I had a four year old daughter and a newborn Anna that spent their days at the shop with me. My mother instilled in all of her daughters an arsenal of sewing skills which allowed me to begin taking custom orders for custom Victorian lingerie for collectors as well as reenactors about the time I opened my shop, Madame Silks.

I would reproduce these items to historical accuracy all the way down to using original boning and claspings that I would salvage from corsets that were too far gone to restore.

What was the most interesting custom corset you ever made? 

One day I was contacted by a fellow antique dealer to make a corset for a customer. I didn’t have that many details so imagine my surprise when I arrived and the customer was not what I expected.  We will call him “Brucie”.  Keep in mind that I was raised to be rather sheltered up to this point. I was at the tender age of 28 and was mortified at the thought of sewing such an intimate item for a man. A very large tree trunk of a man.  I told my friend that I just couldn’t do it.  She said “he’ll pay what ever price you ask”.  I threw out a price that I was certain he would turn down and I would be safe from the impropriety of fittings which would be an important part of making such an intimate piece.  He accepted my price of $500.00 which in the 1980’s was very high.
I began the project with the understanding that I would not be in the fitting room while he was trying it on.  I remember sitting there waiting for a friend to fit the corset on him when there seemed to be a problem.  It wouldn’t cinch up tight enough.  Ooh dear.  I grew a proverbial pair, took a deep breath and went in to see what the problem was.  Here was a 5’6″ , 56″ barrel chested man with the corset on along with his pink and blue panties and I just about passed out.  It was a perfect fit except for the fact that it wouldn’t cinch up tight enough.  Should have used leather.  Brucie was a detective by day and and something entirely more interesting on his own time.  I was able to fix the problem and all were happy.
Tell us a little about the corsets you’ve gotten your hands on? 

I have had a number of authentic corsets over the years that were just too lovely for words.  My favorite was a bridal corset from the 1860’s that was an ivory silk satin that had tiny hand embroidered forget-me-nots on the entire piece.  I wish I still had pictures of it.  I can only dream of what this mystery girl’s entire trousseau might have looked like.What’s your biggest sewing inspiration?

Books…..magazines…from yesterday still grace my book case.  The Deliniator, Harper’s Bazaar, etc. that I often pull down off the book case and just dream of gentler times when women draped themselves in layer upon layer of silks and soft cotton. Fabrics that are of no comparison to the fabrics of today.  Yes there are wonderful fabrics out there to be had but oh, for the old silks that just stir the senses.
Also, my collection of corset boxes always inspire me. They decorate the walls of my boudoir and are as lovely as the gorgeous corsets that they once came with.

What should we keep in mind when fitting a corset?

When fitting a corset you are fortunate if you have a dress form that fits your measurements. Keep in mind that a pattern can only do so much to cater to the fact that every figure is as varied and unique as can be.  Fabric choice is essential and you should use a fabric with strength.  Corsets are not shifts.  They are designed to conform and be snug.  If you choose a lighter fabric make sure that you have a lining that will ad strength to the corset.

What are some sewing tips you might pass on to us who are new to making corsets?

The best tip that I can share with you readers is to make a rough draft of muslin to allow you the ability to adjust the pattern before wasting your fabric. It’s essential.
What extra little details make the perfect corset? (i.e. finishing touches, embellishments)
My favorite thing in sewing intimate apparel is to add detail to make the garment my own such as hand embroidery, little touches of bead work and of course….lace…lace…lace…and how can you not add some ribbon work?  Embellish to your heart’s content.
Have you found any good corsets hiding out in rural Nebraska lately?Actually, yes, I just acquired a dusty box with about two dozen corsets hiding inside, some in pieces, some perfect and ready to wear. I took some pictures for you all.

Oooh, dibs on the polka-dot one!
There was even a huge handful of every type of boning you can imagine and there are a few that I’ve already started restoring.
 She’ll be breaking into her Victorian lace collection (yes, she has one) to get this little beauty back up to snuff.
~A Special thanks to my lovely and talented mother for taking the time to help me with this post!~
~also, sorry for any inconsistencies with the text format, the text editor has it out for me today :)~

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The Ooh La La Pin-Up Sew-Along

By on February 18, 2012

Ladies, I present the Ooh la la Pin-Up Sew-Along:

Ooh la la!

Fellow blogger and lingerie expert Sarah from Ohhh Lulu is joining me over at A Few Threads Loose in this delicate endeavor. We’ll be sewing two lingerie patterns, first a 1950’s French Corset and Garter Belt pattern (so much easier than it sounds!) followed by a matching bra from the same pattern.

There’s more information over on A Few Threads Loose on where to get the patterns and what you’ll need to sew them. One commenter will even win a set for the sew-along. These things are so much more fun when more people are involved sharing their questions and skills. We’d love to have you join and find out just how easy and painless lingerie sewing can be!

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The Job Interview Dress

By on February 10, 2012

I’ve been a jobless, stay-at-home seamstress for the last several months. It’s really hard to get a job as an American here in Norway and my best options have been grocery clerk or waiting tables… not exactly easy to swallow when I’ve worked so hard for my (apparently useless) education.
I’ve been sewing this dress for good job interview juju. In other words, build it and they will come. Sew the dress and get the interview.

Well, as I was sewing in the armhole facing, I got a call for an interview. This is HUGE. For every 50 jobs I’ve applied for, I’ve heard back on 2. It’s weird being the immigrant, so to speak, in a country where they want to hire locals. Today was my interview, a scant 12 hours after I finished getting the hem in this little baby.

So this morning I threw the dress on, along with my lucky underwear and my lucky high heels and off I went. Well, first, I took photos.

Now, this isn’t the pose I struck for the interview, just so you know. That’s not how a girl should get a job. In the interview, I looked more like this:

You can read more about the dress, the interview and see pictures at my blog A Few Threads Loose.

Happy weekend everyone!

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