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Our Advertising Philosophy

Any advertising appearing on the site will be vetted to ensure it fits our demographic and brings something of value to our members. We want to work with companies we love and trust who are just as obsessed with sewing and vintage as we are. As a community, we’re fond of independent pattern companies and supporting small businesses.

Many of our contributing members operate their own vintage or sewing-related businesses. As thanks for their engagement with the community, advertising discounts are available for longtime contributors to WeSewRetro.

Sidebar Ads

  • 200px wide by 200px tall (width must be 200px but height can be less than 200px if it would be a better fit for your artwork)
  • no animated gifs or other moving images
  • minimum term is one calendar month. Discounts available for terms of 6 months or longer
  • discounted rates are available for longtime contributors to the site
  • email katherine [at] wesewretro.com with a link to your site to receive our current rate sheet


If you would like to host a giveaway on the site for a product or service that is relevant to our readership, email katherine [at] wesewretro.com to discuss.

Community Demographics

  • 95% female (although we dearly love our male contingent!)
  • 33% aged 25 to 34, 27% aged 35 to 44. We have contributing bloggers aged from 16 to 60+
  • 51% located in the USA, followed by Australia, Britain and Canada in that order.
  • over 55,000 visits and 115,000 pageviews per calendar month at last count
  • 12.241 followers combined via facebook, rss, email, pinterest and twitter. We have a particularly active facebook and pinterest presence.
  • over 1050 registered blogging contributors
  • over 20 posts per week (or 2.8 per day) on average
We stay firmly focused on our niche  and potential advertisers need to be relevant to our readership.