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Intro and 1950s shorts

June 8, 2018

Hi Everyone! I’m Natalie and I live in the UK, I’ve been learning to sew for just over a year now. I’ve been an avid reader of this blog for some months and have found this to be truly inspiring to give using vintage patterns a go. I’m so glad to share my first project using a vintage pattern, hopefully the first of many projects.

I fell in love with McCall’s 4022 shorts pattern from 1957. It just looks so Audrey Hepburn. And for a quid at the local charity shop was an absolute bargain. I wasn’t originally planning to make them up but I’m glad I did, these fit so much better than ready to wear and weren’t as difficult as I imagined. I made the shorts up to wear for a walking holiday as the weather has turned surprisingly really warm here.

I only made some basic adjustments to the pattern. Luckily this was the correct hip measurement, but the waist needed to be enlarged, and a section removed from the back and front to shorten the crotch. Though if I make them again, I plan to remove even more from the crotch length in the front. On the whole, I’m really happy with the way these turned out and they are super comfy, as well as being wearably retro; though it’s a bit strange only having a pocket on the left side!

I feel my shorts did end up looking like the pattern envelop and I love the buttoned tabs on the sides.  I plan to make this up again in a blue denim – I think they would be versatile.

Nat x

  1. Love them, and we’ve had such good weather for you to rock wearing them!
    I guess one pocket is better than no pockets, do you keep patting your right side where the pocket should be though? !

    1. Yes I do keep forgetting that there’s only one pocket, but the pocket is so large to make up for it 🙂 These have had so much wear the last few weeks.

  2. Because of you, I had to get this pattern and I made version C that ties up on the side! I love them too and want to make more pairs. Yours look lovely and I love that you made them in yellow!!!!

    1. Thank you, I am loving the colour yellow this summer. Version C are so cute with the ties, I’d love to see them. Yep, this pattern is so versatile with all its options, a great base for numerous shorts 🙂

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