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1930’s Dress Complete – Gatsby Summer Afternoon 2017

November 10, 2017

 I made this dress for the 2017 Gatsby Summer Afternoon at Dunsmuir House, in Oakland CA.  It was sewn using two VPLL patterns. You can see the prototype dress here – made from the 1931 Dress pictured above left. The only changes I made to the pattern, after making my prototype was an increase of 2″ to the hips and I changed the sleeve, using the VPLL 1930’s dress, pictured above right (one layer only). I also followed the method of stitching the bodice shirring after sewing the midriff to the bodice, that Dierdre from VPLL suggested in my prototype post comments. That method looked much better, for sure. Otherwise, this pattern sewed up very nicely.

Full length dress front
Full length dress Back

If you would like to read more and see the full post you visit my blog.  Happy Sewing!

  1. Hello. I am looking for vintage Peter Pan Paisley fabrics. They are the ones with the flowers with 5 paisley leaves. I have found many of them. I also found out that Avlyn used the same pattern to make Jeweled Essentials, but I don’t know how many colors they put out. I have found 6. Joan Kessler of Concord also did an extremely close pattern, but the prints were smaller than the Peter Pan flowers. I have 3 of these. The Peter Pan, I have over 20 colors. Some are different shades, which I think was probably the dye lot. Can you please give me any history on these and where I can find some more. I did find one recently of the Avlyns from Marshall Dry Goods which really surprised me. I’ve been finding them mostly on eBay, Etsy and sewing destashing groups on Facebook. One in particular I am looking for is like a raspberry color with yellow thru it. That is a Peter Pan one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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