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Black For Early Summer – Patterns Pacifica 3068

May 2, 2017




I made this dress from a vintage pattern designed and printed in Hawaii—Patterns Pacifica.  I’m not quite sure whether it dates from the late 1960s or early 1970s, so I am tagging it as the 1970s, since I have seen quite a few similar styles from that decade.  Has anyone used a Patterns Pacifica pattern before?  I have two, and my husband has one that he has sewn up.  I have tried to find out more about the history of the pattern company, but haven’t found a thing.  I’d love to hear if any of you know more about it.   For more information about the details of sewing it, and more photos, please visit the blog that I share with my husband, who also sews and wears vintage:  mrandmrsrat.weebly.com

  1. I have a Pacifica Pattern for a bikini that I accidentally got in a lot of vintage notions. Id never seen one before, but was curious to know moee about it.

  2. My mother’s wedding dress was made from a Pacifica pattern. Simple fitted dress similar to yours (which is wonderfully fitted and flattering, by the way), with an attached capelet. The company had a lot of “traditional” Hawaiian muumuu and lounge designs in the 70s or so, some of them pretty timeless looking, and some of them amusingly dated now. I have my mom’s original pattern, and one other one that I got from a Half-Priced Books, just because it reminded me of her dress. 🙂

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