1. <3 !!! I stalked and purchased a pristine 15-91 at an estate sale several years back for a song! At first I thought someone had scooped it before me, but I was hidden in the garage! Absolutely gorgeous and works like a charm.

  2. I scored a 15-90 too at a thrift store last year! It needed a little bit of work done on the electrical wiring, but I can’t believe I got such a quality machine for so little. Seriously. It’s a beast and will sew through so much. You were so lucky to get the original manual and attachments with it. Congrats – you will love it 🙂 The only reason I still have a junky plastic machine is because of zigzagging. I have two zigzagger attachments for my 15-90, but I never found them helpful for sewing knits – they only seem to do well for decorative zigzagging.

  3. I am happy to live in Switzerland, the ideal place to buy old sewing machines. You could buy all the time variations of old sewing machines in excellent condition and quite cheap. Only the fact that I live in a flat without lift stops me to buy more of the heavy metal beauties. (Very often you can get them with the original sewing table/cabinet)

  4. its not so easy to pick up old machines soooo cheap here in ireland and if you do, dampness has gotten there first and there will always be the risk of rust, however I have gotten a traded in one (328)from local sewing shop which was serviced for 99euro some years back and was very happy as it became the back-up for my 80s singer – unfortunately this became a bit of a fascination and I now have an 50s singer 99, a 60s pfaff and 60s elna picked up on ebay for between 50-90euro! older machines are so much better, cannot understand why anyone would buy the cheaper plastic ones

  5. I just purchased a machine just like this, stool, cabinet and a bunch of original accessories for $20.00 plus tax. Which came to about $24.00 total. Plugged it in and it runs! I haven’t had a chance to try sewing a stitch yet. But what an amazing find!

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