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March 20, 2017


I hope this sort of post is allowed. I am planning costumes for a play that is set in the late 60’s. I was wondering if all the experts I see on here could suggest there favourite “tarty” 60’s look or pattern if you have one in mind. What colours would you use? Also bare in mind that I don’t have the legs to pull off a proper 60’s mini skirt or hot pants look.

I am thinking of going with red as it seems the universal colour for tarts in popular culture (not so sure if it was in the 60’s though). I really am just after whatever inspiration you could afford me.

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  1. Hmm. Tart, no mini-skirts, ’60s… Do Bond girls qualify as “tart”? If you go here and scroll down to the 1960s you’ll see some of Sean Connery’s ’60s Bond film titles. Might help get the creative wheels turning!


    For some reason I feel like big hair is important for what you’re going for … Tart takes effort I should think! Good luck, and share pics of costume work if you end up sewing something up!

    1. Thanks 🙂

      I will check them out. I can do mini’s but not the micro mini (which I think is less historical for adults anyway, I only ever see the super short on Marcia Brady)

      Thanks again.

  2. My mum was a young adult in the 60s and always says that a cheap faux fur leopard print coat was seen as tarty, especially teamed with red, big hair, too much make up and a cigarette constantly on the go!

    1. unfortunately i have a semi grown out pixie crop, big hair won’t be possible.
      But thank you all for your responses, I have eventually found one thing that I like and so does the director (a dress I already owned made from Beatles yellow submarine quilting cotton) and I made a green velvet dress with a front zip.
      I did used to have that leopard print coat but unfortunately I don’t anymore 🙁

      I will get photos on thursday and update you all again 🙂

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