The jade

January 6, 2017

The first post of 2017 is actually a past make. I had made this dress in October 2015 and it was my first “big” project: first time with silk, first time with evening clothes, first time with two fabrics treated as one, finally-first time with overcasting by hand all the seam allowances.

The pattern is Vogue 5456 from 1961 and the main fabric is a silk dupioni in a shade of jade green.
It is fully backed with a medium-weight cotton canvas in dark green, to give the dress more body, to reduce the crazy-wrinkling properties of dupioni (seriously, it crinkles from even looking at it) and to have something to hand sew to without marking the outside fabric. Dupioni is a wonderful silk to start sewing with-it’s stable, doesn’t shift and takes the corrections gracefully.

Too see the finishing details and read more, I invite you to my blog, rvdzik.blogspot.com. Thank you for visiting! 🙂

  1. Love that top picture of you looking through the curtains! It looks like a still from some brooding-yet-glamorous drama about mid-Century domesticity.

  2. Hello,

    You’ve done a great job! The dress looks fantastic! I’ve been collecting vintage since I was in high school (in the last century) and I’ve just started looking into sewing my own as my budget can’t afford a lot of the gorgeous 20’s-50’s dresses that I love. It used to be affordable when it was thrift and now as vintage it bask become quite an industry. If I had known what I know now that these dresses which I used to buy for a song would be so expensive, I would never have given so many away. Nonetheless, it is inspiring to see someone sew so well – thank you for sharing on your blog. I have so many great projects and ideas now.


  3. Thank you all very, very much for so many kind words. Yasue-I’m so happy I can help you with inspiration. That’s my main reason for writing a blog-to give back some inspiration that I got from the wonderful world of online sewists 😀

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