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January 18, 2017

I am just getting back into blogging and sewing after an extended hiatus and found myself reminiscing on some old projects. Both of which are Victorian in style.

The first is Ageless Patterns #1478 an amazing dress.  I do not recommend Ageless patterns to the weak of heart as it took a lot of fiddling to get it even close to fitting but the end result was totally worth it.

Fabric is a green Taffeta with cream crepe and a stretch lace overlay (nightmare lace).  The entire bodice is flatlined in denim to give extra body.

For more details visit my blog

The Second is a mix of Ageless Patterns and Truly Victorian.  If you are planning on making a vintage look like this I would very much recommend Truly Victorian over Ageless patterns unless you have experience with drafting.  Ageless is still presented in its original dimensions and that means the waist to bust ratio is crazy meant for people who spent a lifetime waist training and squishing their internal organs into places they had no business going.  Truly Victorian on the other had has one of the most amazing fitting systems I have ever seen.  They are easy to use and create the right silhouettes for the period whist accommodating modern requirements.

The brown material is some sort of taffeta burnout fabric and the beige is a duponi silk which was a dream to work with.  The overskirt and underskirt came together very easily and were quite comfortable.  The bodice (which is the ageless pattern) was harder but like the dress above well worth it.

further details here


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