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Making Peace

November 22, 2016


Do you ever have one of those projects that just fights you at every turn until finally you have to resign your own opinions on the matter and let the project call the shots? This skirt started out as a rather cute 1950s style dress, but it apparently wasn’t meant to be….


More details on the skirt as well as some shots of this darling original wool sweater (and a few ramblings, for good measure!) on my blog. 🙂


And please share! What was a project that didn’t go according to your original hopes? Did you end up liking it more after all, or are you still a bit resentful? 😉

  1. Do you find high tighter necklines like that sweater’s uncomfortable? If you don’t mind them, has it always been like that or was it a gradual adaptive process? I sometimes feel like if my posture were better I’d like them more but as it is I think they are a little restrictive feeling. Lovely color combinations with the outfit!

    1. Funny you should ask! It is definitely something that I’ve had to get accustomed to- I started out being very conscious and uncomfortable of anything above my clavicle, even necklaces. Over the years, I’ve just made an effort to get used to higher and higher necklines and this is my highest yet. I’ve found it strangely comfortable and I really never even notice it throughout the day. Gives me hope for making more necklines like this, because it really is such a quintessentially vintage look!

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