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1940s honky tonk shirt

November 29, 2016

Hello fellow seamstresses !!
I post here to show you my first 40s-50s western project : a honky tonk shirt !
I don’t know if some of you like this style, but personaly I am completely crazy about it !


Trying to get some class like those country singers had

(such as the great Charline Arthur in the picture below)



I used a recent pattern, not vintage, but inspired by this era. (The magazine is the french BURDA , july 2010).

I changed it a bit : I drafted “pistol” western cuff instead of the straight ones proposed, and removed a part of the front, to keep just one piece of yoke. And I hand embroided it, yes ma’am I took patiently the time to do it ! haha

I used burgundy gabardine, and beige plain cotton (I won’t again, I don’t know why I did it, I forgot my previous mistakes : wrinkles, everywhere, only on he beige parts, always …)

And yes, I am planning on making the pants matching the shirt, of course 🙂




Here is a front view of the shirt.


It is not perfect but I am really happy with it and wear it a lot ! I can’t wait to make me others !

Oh ! By the way, I need your precious help : if some of you know a website where I could buy  good quality light rayon gabardine (any colour, plain would be better) it would be so great ! (And I know many of you here are some serious fabric experts 😉 )

Thanks for reading !

Here’s he link to th post on my blog : https://wildchildsophie.wordpress.com/

  1. This is so beautiful! I love vintage western wear, and you look just like a lovely country singer from the 40s or 50s. The colors you chose look so nice together, and your changes to the original pattern give it a really unique and feminine touch. I’m also curious about sourcing nice gabardine, so hopefully someone here will have some advice. I’ve been wanting to make a full Nudie Cohn-style skirt and top set, but haven’t found the right fabric yet…

  2. Love it! You did a great job. Check out Fabric Mart or Fabric.com–I buy from them regularly and they have great customer service and a wonderful selection of fabrics.

  3. Great job on the shirt. I’m not normally a big fan of country western (too much time in Nashville?!) but yours is lovely, as are the photos. I second the recommendation of Fabric Mart http://www.fabricmartfabrics.com I’m not sure if they currently have rayon gabardine, but I’ve bought wool gabardine from them that was nice. They have good prices too, but I’m not sure they will ship to France.

  4. Thank you ladies !
    Datura : In fact I just found a french website (I live in France) which sell gabardine, and “lycra gabardine” which has almost he same components as rayon gabardine (viscose) I am going to order a piece to see how good it is 🙂 (here : https://www.alittlemercerie.com/page/search_creation/search_creation.php?search_name=gabardine+lycra )
    Thanks Girl in the Six and Emily, I wrote down these address ann although I didn’t find gabardine in their current sales I will keep on loocking.
    Danielle I saw your Halloween dress, it is great !!!

  5. You did an amazing job with your shirt. WOW! I love this style and the 40s & 50s music that go with it. I often feature Western Swing in my vintage fiction novels. You’ve reminded me that I need to feature the cute clothing, too!

    You look amazing! Completely vintage! Congrats!

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