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My first blouse

October 16, 2016

70s Blouse

I’m a newbie, newish to sewing and brand new to WeSewRetro. Vintage sewing and I have had a bit of a rocky road on the way to where we are now. I’ll admit at first, I didn’t see the appeal.

Then my great aunt heard that I wanted to sew and sent me a box of patterns she had used when she was a school sewing teacher. The patterns ranged from mid 60s – mid 70s, and slowly as I looked through them all I kinda fell in love with the style.

Style 4721I used Style 4721 from 1974 and made View 2, but shortened the sleeves. I also used snaps instead of buttons. The fabric is vintage cotton that I inherited from my grandmother, so I’m not sure how old it is.


Close up

This is the first blouse I have ever sewn, and while it’s not perfect I’m actually pretty stoked with it. I’m really digging the neck tie. I think this is definitely a pattern I will make again.


  1. It looks like it fits very well and suits you wonderfully too! Good job lining up those diagonals! I hope you try more of her patterns and share them here too – I’ve got a stash with some from that era but have never made them up.

    1. Thanks so much. I’m actually already working on a couple of things, Hopefully they turn out good enough for the blog 🙂

  2. I love the blouse with the cute collar. The fabric looks so retro, too! Love it. Well done. I have my fictional characters sew things just like this! Inspirational!

  3. its gorgeous – well done. shortening the sleeves has given it a great contemporary twist! and a highly individual look…well done – love the sit of the sleeves – perfect

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