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September 6, 2016


So, I’ve been studying a lot lately and I simply needed a break! And what better way to relax than sewing something, right?

I’ve been eyeing this fabric for a long while now. It had been on sale, then back to it’s original price and the last time it was on sale I finally decided to buy some yards. Hopefully I’ll find it again online so I can buy some more and make a swing skirt or a dress with a fuller skirt. It’s also a 100% cotton (so a total desaster in terms of wrinkles :/ )

Anyhow, I didn’t have a lot of time so I skipped on the lining of the skirt (which I will add in a week or two, depending on how much time my exams will leave me) and I also need to buy new buttons. I don’t like the white ones.

Let me show you :3




Here are some detail photos.

The closure is a mix of buttons and a zipper.


The lining in the torso is cotton as well. I bought the piping online, so it’s not selfmade. The straps are tieable (is that even a word? ) so they’re not permanently sewn into bows.

Hm, there’s not much to add.

Oh, the pattern is selfmade, so I can’t give anyone else credit (but me 😀 ).

Hope you like it!


Greetings from Germany



  1. God I love that dress. The cut is stunning, you did an amazing job of drafting that pattern. And I am drooling over the fabric. The red piping is perfect with the style and pattern of the dress. Well done, Tschuss, Michele

  2. Great job! The fabric is lovely and the dress looks great on you. The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t get the pattern since you made it. : ) All the best on your exams.

    1. Thank you Emily!
      You can make this pattern yourself if you want to.
      Simply use a pattern with princess seams, draw your desired neckline (use the same pattern for the lining) and add a pencil skirt pattern for the skirt 🙂
      And thank you! I hope the exams go well 🙁

    1. Thank you Geri!
      I thought about the silk slip, but I don’t really like the idea of another pair of straps interfering with the main focus, the bows 😀

  3. Beautiful!!! You look stunning in this dress and did an amazing job at sewing. I love it! I would love to access your site, but you have it set on a privacy setting. Sad face.

    1. Hello!
      Sorry, that is my old blog, I still need to change the website on here.
      I’ve started a new blog and just did a blogpost about the dresses I made in the past three years (minus a couple that I missed :/ )
      Unfortunately though, I do blog in German…so… :/
      I only have three blog posts online so far, but there will be a lot more in the future. If you still want to check it out: http://inliebeannelies.blogspot.de

      And thank you so much!! I’m glad you like it 🙂

  4. Hi Reika, This dress is really beautiful and well done! I like the white flower shaped buttons – they’re cute! I think you did an outstanding job on the drafting of this pattern as it fits you really well. The fabric is beautiful too and worth buying more for making other things. I have some cherry fabric too with a stark white background. I still have not made anything out of it yet. This dress inspires me. Thank you for posting! Kathy from Arizona, USA

  5. What a fabulously productive break from studying! I love it! The fabric is beautiful; cherries are always cute, but these are elegant! Your fit is perfect, and it looks wonderful on you. I agree; I would change the buttons 😉 Just pure loveliness!

  6. The dress looks perfect on you! Can you tell me the name of the manufacturer of that fabric. This is the only cherry print I’ve ever liked.

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