New favourite summer dress

June 6, 2016


Haven’t been here in a while 😀 I hope you’re all doing great!

Here in Germany the weather is going coo-coo. First it’s super warm and sunny and in the next second it’s raining cats and dogs 🙁

Fortunately for sewing you don’t have to be an outdoors-y person, so I made a dress this saturday 😀

The details:

– cotton

– lining in the top part is white cotton and the bottom is some silky satin-thingy

– zip in the back

– piping along the neckline

– the bows are real, not fake, you can actually tie them

Aaaand I guess that’s it 😀

The pattern is made by me and I hope you like it!

DSC05148chHere you can see how I messed up the piping. I still think it’s somewhat okay looking. It doesn’t bother me much.


DSC05141chDSC05139chNo petticoat in this pic and the last one 😀


Unfortunately the zipper is showing, but my bust is still bigger than it usually is (I gained some weight…) so I hope the dress will fit me better once I lost a few pounds…


Yeah, well…. I hope you like it 🙂 It’s my new favorite dress, that’s for sure xD

Greetings from Germany!

  1. Such a super cute dress! Yellow is my new favourite colour so any vintage dress I see in I fall in love with but the detailing on yours makes it quite special. I love the little daisies!

  2. This dress is beautiful. I love the yellow gingham, and you’ve done a fabulous job sewing it. Did you design it yourself or use a vintage pattern? Gorgeous.

  3. This excites me, because I bought this lens over a month ago, and decide I hated it because most of the pictures were turning out blurry/hazy/gross looking. I used it maybe three times and retired it to my camera bag. I always shoot in manual, but maybe a bit more attention is required.

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