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GIVEAWAY: Limited Edition Mondrian Dress Pattern

June 14, 2016


After watching last night’s ‘Sewing the 1960s’ episode of the Great British Sewing Bee, we’re all about iconic Mondrian-inspired dresses. If you’re in the US, don’t fret – you can watch it on YouTube.

YSL dress

Back in 1966, Vogue Patterns released Vogue 1557 by Yves Saint Laurent (learn more about YSL’s Vogue Patterns over at the PatternVault blog) and as you can imagine it is insanely hard to find the original vintage pattern. Because of the licensing restrictions placed on patterns in the designer series, Vogue can’t just rerelease this classic design but what they can do is show you how to take one of their modern patterns and hack it into a Mondrian dress.

…which brings us to the new Vogue 1557 Limited Edition. It includes the pattern for a semi-fitted lined shift dress (Vogue 9048) with step-by-step instructions for how to use it to make a Mondrian dress – everything you need to make your own designer original.


The bad news is that the pattern is only being released in the United Kingdom…. (UK-based readers, you can purchase a copy here)

…But the good news is that our friends at McCall Pattern Co have snagged us a copy to giveaway and our giveaways are always open worldwide. US-based readers, this might be your only chance to grab a copy so make sure you enter!

To enter the giveaway, simply comment below – I’d like to know what colors you would use to make your Mondrian dress. That’s it – so simple!

The winner will be drawn at random this weekend (June 19th) and announced here on the blog.


  1. I would use red for sure! I would love to make this dress, it’s been on my wish list for ages! I teach art history, Modrian is one of my all time favorites!

  2. I would do black & white with a primary color or two, probably red and yellow. Obvious, I know, but it’s classic!

  3. I absolutely loved the dress and the entire episode! (Yes…watched it on YouTube. ;)) I was actually a little surprised that my Mom loved the dress too!

    1. Forgot to include which colors I’d sew it in!

      For Mom: Purple, lavender and white! (Lavender is her favorite color)

      And I’d think I’d do…yellow, colbalt blue and I guess black for the lines! 😀

  4. Can’t think that fast. I’d put navy where the black is b/c I wear so much navy. Some cream and hot pink perhaps. If I had time at the fabric store, I’d pick the perfect combo and it would be LOVELY. Drooling at the prospect.

  5. I can see my version of this dress in the weirder combo of fun ’60s colors – pink, orange, and ivory squares, with either an olive or lime green for the stripes. So excited at this pattern release!

  6. Hi, love this color block dress, and your Vouge. I’m a real retro girl and would love this one in me wardrobe, Have A summer wedding and this would be perfect

  7. Oh, I LOVE the version in the top photo–that’s the version with the most energy to it! I’d probably use royal blue, turquoise, and green with the white.

  8. I’d definitely do a classic combination of black lines and white, yellow and red. I’d probably try to size it down and make one for my 6 year old daughter – she used to have one in jersey and got so many compliments on it.

  9. Since my mother made me a Mondrian-style dress when I was in junior high school (1966–68), I would have to replicate the colors she chose: bright shocking pink with orange. My dress just screamed 1960s!

  10. I have made a blouse similar to this and for it I used an art gallery print which is a white print fabric with plain black bands. It is in a high quality cotton.
    For the dress I would choose a heavy crepe, so that the dress hangs well and the colour I would choose are black for the bands with bright blue for the main part with just one bright orange square on the top. My ideal dress.

  11. I’ve dreamed about this dress for a couple of years now. I’d use white, blue, red and yellow. I’m sure it would make a great dress that I’d love to wear!

  12. I would make it in black and white + one orange and one blue panel 🙂 Would love to make this this dress for myself!

  13. I think I would change it up a bit with green in the top corner, blue below on the opposite lower side, and then complete the dress with the black and white.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  14. This was a great episode! I work at a gallery and this dress would be lovely for receptions. I’m too messy for so much white, but charcoal gray, burnt orange, and an deep purple would look great on me. Or I’d do a tribute to Mondrian with red, white, and black.

  15. I have a wedding to attend in September and this would be perfect!!! I LOVE the floor length version and already have the most beautiful sapphire opera length gloves I would make it to match those!!!

  16. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I would make the street length version in colors similar to those on the video: turquoise, cobalt blue, lime, orange, purple. I may even modify the lines so that they are asymmetrical instead of centered. One of my bucket list goals is to make a Mondrian style dress. I have long admired the style.

  17. I love this dress! I have not made any dresses for years but this has tempted me to have a go – the colours for me would have to be jade green, aubergine and burnt orange for a really indivuidual look I think!

  18. I LOVE watching The Great British Sewing Bee…….and I’ve been obsessed with the Mondrian Dress ever since episode 5 aired. I would recreate the dress with white, bright orange, and hot pink panels, keeping the black cross bars. Thanks for the chance to win a pattern!

    1. Sorry, I did not mean to send this anonymously and I don’t know how to delete it. I resubmitted my entry comment below under the name of Arlene.

  19. My daughter( aged 12) fell in love with this dress when they made it on the sewing Bee so I would make it for her, definitely using some neon colours with the black lines!

  20. Lets see…just above the knee. I need fall clothes so probably brown, burnt orange and a blue. Co-ordinating sweater for chilly days with crazy buttons and a georgious pair of boots.

  21. I miss the 60’s when simple was never simple and style was front and center. I would make it in white and black with sherbet and robin egg blue as my color blocks.

  22. I’d first feel compelled to make the dress in the original colors, but my second rendition would be in a funky play of a colorway. Please enter me in your contest.

  23. I’d probably do something with a pretty pink, not sure what other color I’d put with it. Or perhaps I’d do lime green or purple. Decisions, decisions. So much fun !

  24. Love the opportunity to make this dress. Base of dress coral (or teal) upper right square white, black bands. Thanks for doing this giveaway. (Hope this didn’t post twice do to user error.)

  25. Well, I’ve wanted this since it was first issued. Couldn’t afford it then and cannot afford the original now. This would be lovely.

  26. I would love to win this dress pattern. I think it would look fab in teal, black and white. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway!

  27. Oh my! I remember as a little girl looking at the exact pattern in the Vogue book at House of Fabrics. I would love to make it now. I love the Mondrian esthetic and the chic line of YSL. Just reading this post brings back so many fond memories. Sigh.

    1. In my reverie I forgot the color palette I would use. Blue, black, and white. I might thrown in a red square on the reverse side too just for fun!

  28. A beautiful dress! I would have to make two versions – one in the traditional YSL colors and another in cobalt blue, yellow, and white.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the pattern!

  29. Wow, amazing dress and love the 60’s vibe. Most likely would make in cream and royal blue with the splash of red. Fing ers crossed!

  30. I’d make it in the classic Mondrian colors—red, white and black. I wonder if different textures (eyelet, lace, maybe some fabric manipulation?) might be used instead of colors for a second version, though…

  31. Being slightly more mature, I’ll have a creamy/ecru as the base colour, instead of white with black and red. Nails painted to match too !

  32. My 12 year old is yelling “yes please, Mum!!” Purple, lilac and white with black stripes is her choice and my choice, if I get one, is classic red and yellow x

  33. Great competition! ☺️ I love the classic Mondrian colour way! For a more day to day colour way that hides the sweat and dirt of the tropics, I’d go with cream/brown and hot pink and orange accents!

  34. I’m a longtime follower, but I’ve never posted! I couldn’t resist with such a great opportunity!

    I’m so inspired right now by monochromatic color palettes in garments. I would use shades of blue for my own version – drawing inspiration from Japanese shibori dying. More specifically, I’d use a base of bright white, a light to sky blue for assorted squares, and a cornflower for the banding.

  35. Oooh, I’ve loved Mondrian patterned clothes since the 80s. I would just die for this pattern. I’d love to make a classic Red, Blue and Yellow version.

  36. Hmm…a hot pink with black and blue…or a royal blue with red and white…oh the possible combinations!

  37. I started collecting of retro sewing patterns this year. I chose to buy the rereleased Walkaway dress and would love to add this classic to collection!

  38. White with black lines, then pops of red, yellow, and blue. I’m actually redoing my white tiled kitchen countertop to do Mondrianesque blocks of color!!! Love him so much.

  39. Ooo! I want to make one in all the color combos people have suggested above!
    I’d make mine in Navy, White and Green – either Kelly Green or Lime Green.

  40. Hello,
    I have to confess, my mom made the dress for me many many years ago. So many years tha I can’t even try it anymore. Me and my belly need a new one. And my mom have gone so I have to make it by my own. It’ll easier with your pattern (if it’s not too late). I love the original colors white, red and black.
    Thank you and regards from Spain!

  41. Hi, I’m ‘anonymous’. I’ve skip by mistake the name form. Thank you again and sorry for my English. I hope the main contain have been received at least.

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