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GIVEAWAY: Your Three Favorite Simplicity Vintage Patterns

June 20, 2016

First, congratulations to Kim who won our Mondrian giveaway last week. Be on the lookout for an email from me, Kim…

Everyone else, don’t fret if you didn’t win because your next chance to snag some gorgeous patterns starts right now….


This week we’re looking at the Simplicity Vintage range. I’ve picked out pictures of some of my personal favorites in these pictures but there are tons more on the Simplicity site….aprons, baby layettes, jackets, dresses, doll clothes and more.


It’s so awesome to see these often very hard to find (and single sized) vintage beauties reissued as multisize patterns that fit a wider range. Make sure you check out the full Vintage Simplicity range because this is a pick your prize giveaway – you decide what you get.


The winner will receive three patterns from Simplicity’s vintage range. As always on WeSewRetro, this giveaway is open worldwide – no matter where you live you are eligible to win.

To enter, simply pop over to the Vintage section of the Simplicity site and decide which 3 patterns you just have to have. Come back here and let me know in the comments and when you win, those three patterns will be your prize!

The lucky winner will be selected at random this weekend (June 26th) so don’t miss out – go make your picks! 🙂


  1. Although I had a hard time choosing as they are all great patterns, my favorites are:
    4282 Aprons
    1692 Misses’ Retro Tops
    8051 Misses and Plus Size Dresses

  2. This is awesome! Thank you so much! I love this blog, it is such a wonderful resource for a novice like me.
    Pattern #’so 1609, 8013 & 8085 (in size R5).
    Thanks again! Rochelle

  3. I enjoy your site and postings. In the Simplicity Pattern give away, I would choose #1221, #8152 and #1264. Thank you!

  4. 3688 for the pants! 8013 for those sleeves and that flowy dress and then 1460 for those cute necklines and that peplum!

  5. Hello,

    Thank you for the giveaway!
    If I won (fingers crossed), I would like to make garment from 3 differents decades:
    – 1459 Misses’ and Miss Petite 1950’s Vintage Dress
    – 8049 Misses’ Vintage 1960’s Three Armhole Dress
    – 8013 Misses’ Vintage 1970’s Dresses’

  6. Oh what a fun contest! I love 8051, 8139, and 8196 (which while not on the vintage page, is an an amazing Wonder Woman Bombshells costume pattern, where they give her the Rosie the Riveter treatment!)

  7. Love the retro look, still have some of my moms patterns. The ones that I really liked are 4282, 1356, 1197. Thanks for the giveaway hope I win.

  8. Hello there,
    I choose patterns 1426, 1319 and 1609. I feel like sewing summer clothing to blow the bad weather away… that we actually have in Paris !

  9. I have many of your vintage patterns but would love to add these three, #8126, #1059, and #1061 to the collection! Thanks for the chance!

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  10. Thanks for the opportunity! My grown daughter is into the 1940s/1950s era. She loves to swing dance, and I think patterns 1590, 1459, and 8051 would be perfect to make her some dresses to dance in!

  11. Fun to make
    1012 miss and miss plus 1960s vintage dresses.,
    8051 misses and plus size dresses,
    And 1356 reversible wrap dress.

  12. Oh yay, I’m still looking for a vintage inspired pattern for my unconventional wedding dress. Patterns 8013, 8050 and 1777 are definately contenders 🙂

  13. Well, if I can’t win all of them, I’d happily choose 2154, 8050 and 1155. Two things I could wear to work (with the right styling) and one that’s just a lot of fun!

  14. I would love to win these three patterns! Just in time for my birthday 😀

    – 1426 Misses’ Vintage 1950’s Bra Tops
    – 1459 Misses’ and Miss Petite 1950’s Vintage Dress
    – 1278 Misses’ Vintage 1950’s Blouses

  15. So many beautiful patterns!
    My choices would be 1459, 8139 and 1692.
    Please, please make me happy 🙂

  16. I love this site and seeing all the wonderful project. It is hard to pick just threeof these patterns, but I would love 8130, 8139, 8085. They would have to be the larger sizes (18-22) because I’m not a small girl!

  17. Oh, wow. Sorry, I didn’t get the last pattern and love the options for this giveaway. My pattern choices are 1319, 8139 and 1278. I can’t justify buying them right now and would love any of them , let alone all of them.

  18. 1426 bras!
    1590 Blouses!
    1250 Dress and jacket!
    Never have I entered a giveaway… Is there such a thing as beginner’s luck?

  19. Oooh! What a great giveaway! I always look for interesting seamlines and the option for a garment to have more than one ‘option’ (turning a dress into an interesting skirt). My picks are:

    Simplicity 1587 — I’d wear the dress and make this as a skirt or peplum top.
    Simplicity 1278 – This blouse’s neckline is really interesting.
    Simplicity 1012 – I’ve always wanted to make one of these ‘cross dart’ dresses.


  20. 2154, 8130 and 1250 please! Oh shipping to Greece is so expensive! It would be divine to win this!!!! <3

  21. Ooooh! I’ve already got 1426, which I’ve made a couple of times (with plans for more) and I love it. I think I would choose 1166, 1587 (50’s in generally my favorite to wear) and either 1221 or 8127, so hard to pick!

  22. There are so many I would love, but I would have to say; 1364-Those blouses are so versatile, 8085 with the sweet ties at the back, and 1426.

  23. My favorites:
    1012 – Misses’ and Miss Plus 1960’s Vintage Dresses
    1252 – Misses’ and Miss Petite Dress or Jumper
    8051 – Misses and Plus Size Dresses

    So many beautiful patterns ^^

  24. My two teenage daughters are big fans of retro fashion so I sew for them. Simplicity patterns are no longer available in our local Fabric Land so it is a bit difficult to get them. I have Simplicity 8139, 8085 and 8050 on my wish list.

  25. I’ve been dying to try 1590 8139 and 8085! I always need more blouses and the stores in my area don’t carry simplicity any longer. It would be such a bonus to win and be able to try some Gentlemen Prefer Blondes inspired swimwear!

  26. Hard to choose, partly because I’ve already got a lot of my favourite vintage reissues! But I’d have to go with: 1155, 1012 & 1459. Thanks in advance!

  27. Hi !
    Thank-you SO much for the contest!
    My favourite picks of the Simplicity Vintage Patterns are :
    #1356 , #8049 and #8130

  28. Oh, I would love to try out one of Simplicity’s vintage patterns! It is difficult to chose, but 8050, 1278 and 1460 all look very promising.

  29. It’s so nice of you to do this giveaway!!! I have never seen some of these patterns, and it’s nice to see that the odd one does come up in larger sizes (it’s too bad they all don’t!!!) The ones I like best are, 1166, 1356, and, 8051.

  30. 1609 is probably The only pattern I would like, that I didn’t buy In the simplicity sale a could of days ago.

  31. I would love To have pattern 8085 as well as 1460 and 1590.
    Finger cross and thanks for the give-away competition.

  32. If I could, I’d absolutely have these patterns –
    8085 – because I still long to find the perfect wrap dress pattern and I haven’t lost hope yet!
    8050 – because this reminds me of one of the most perfect dresses I owned in the very early 90s that made me feel fabulous
    8017 – because every superwoman needs a good cape!
    Cheers! 🙂

  33. I love the simple elegance of the vintage look. If I’m lucky enough to win, I would like 1155, 1459 and 1365.

  34. I would dearly love to call 1459 mine
    and owning 8051 would be divine
    Rounding off my list with 8127
    Would be my idea of sewing heaven!

  35. I would dearly love to call 1459 mine
    and owning 8051 would be divine
    Rounding off my list with 8127
    Would be my idea of sewing heaven!

  36. Wow, I already have so many vintage patterns. BUT, to round out my collection, I’d like:
    * 8130
    * 1284
    * 1194 – This one I might actually use the pattern to make a stand-alone tulle skirt (even though I know it’s a little behind the times).

  37. I Choose 8126 1356 8127 I think I could make a spectacular prom dress for a luck young lady using these patterns as guides and choosing the right fabric!

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