Vintage Simplicity 3733

May 28, 2016

Hello everyone! Long time reader, first time posting.

My name is M and I document my knitting and sewing on miss__m on instagram (that’s two underscores). I love knitting and sewing my own stuff. Mostly because the range of actual vintage in Australia is expensive and rare.

I have made a bunch of dresses and skirts from reproduction patterns. But this was the first time I had ever used an actual vintage pattern. This is Simplicity 3733 from 1951. I made view 2 with a waistband and huge patch pockets. I will suggest to anyone who is going to make this to trace the line of the pockets onto the right side of the fabric. I didn’t. Massive regret. But we got there in the end!

Love these massive pockets.
Love these massive pockets.

The pockets are huge, and can so easily fit my phone and keys. The waistband structure is enough to hold the weight. The pockets could probably comfortably hold a laptop – who am I kidding they are large.

I let the skirt hang for over 24hrs because I thought the pockets would really pull with their weight. They didn’t. Happy!

Flared skirt, waistband
Flared skirt, waistband

I love this skirt. I would make it again, yes to pockets and yes to the waistband. I like how secure a waistband feels. Though, I would extend the waistband to allow for a button of hook and eye closure. The pockets are what make this skirt for me. I am seeing versions with contrast piping, or ric-rac, or contrast fabric!


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