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A Skirt Suited to Adventure

November 5, 2015


Hello again! I have been trying this year to add new neutrals to my wardrobe after years devoted to basic black. In that effort I decided I needed a light brown skirt for this fall! I wanted something a little different from the usual pencil skirt shape I always make so I added a circular flare to the side seam of one side. In theory this was easy enough to do, but for the first go I just didn’t add enough flare and the skirt hung sort of odd. To fix this I added a larger triangular shaped godet into the flared seam for more fullness. It drapes much better now but I probably should have weighted down the hem (sewn a small chain into the hem tape) for it to hang even better. I used a bias tape facing to finish the hem, in a lightweight shantung silk that is my new favorite fabric for hem facings! It just does the job so well, the only problem is that it is expensive stuff, luckily one yard is enough to do several hems!




I am really happy with how the skirt turned out in the end and plan on making a little bolero to match for a sort of suit.  I think the skirt looks sort of late 30’s/early 40’s and I can’t wait to style it for the colder weather with even more vintage looking accessories. For more photos of this skirt, visit me at theclosethistorian.blogspot.com/





  1. Good job – the skirt is a real eye catcher! It looks like you’re about to walk purposefully into Herkule Poirot’s office, demanding his assistance in the case of your missing millionaire fiancé!

  2. What a great skirt!
    I’m a sucker for slim skirts with unusual details which add room for movement and this is just that. About the way it hangs: I suppose you are referring to the way the straight side seam curls up slightly. That is something with happens easily if you add your flare to one side. I have yet to find a way to fix that myself 😉

    The styling and location of your pictures are very nice as well.

    1. Thank you Lauriana! I am trying to break away from making the same simple pencil skirt all the time. The location for these photos is Garden of the Gods park in Colorado springs, a truly gorgeous place!

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