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August 10, 2015


In about three weeks I’m going to move to a town three hours away from home. University starts in September here in Germany, so it’s a necessary evil to finally start sorting out things I don’t need.

While I tried to reduce my fabric stash yesterday, I found an unfinished jumpsuit and decided to take a break and do what’s needed to finish it.

All in all, I simply sewed on the buttons and hemmed the legs 😛

The pattern is actually the WWII Overall from Wearing History!

The pockets and upper part is lined with the same fabric as the blouse which I made a couple years back (I guess about 2 years? The jumpsuit was also waiting to be finished for about 2 years xD ) and I decided to use bias tape on the seam allowance.

I’m still deciding wheter or not I should change the buttons to something with more yellow in it? Or plain white?

DSCF4648 DSCF4650


I really don’t know what to say about this Jumpsuit other than I like it very much 😀

It actually was ment to be a mock up and there are some parts that don’t look all too great, but it’s wearable!

For future jumpsuits I simply need to remind myself to NOT raise the crotchline as they do ride up when I bend down….ahem.

DSCF4653 DSCF4655 DSCF4656 DSCF4661 DSCF4664 DSCF4665

I hope you like it! 🙂


  1. Your jumpsuit is lovely! And I think those buttons are perfect for it.
    About the crotch length: That’s a normal issue with jumpsuits, the crotch has to be lower than it should be for separate trousers because it gets pulled up by movement.

  2. I agree, the buttons are perfect. Could you try moving the strap button closer to the point to give yourself and 3/4 to an inch of looseness? Might help a little with the pulling at the crotch.

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