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1946 dress

June 6, 2015

I can hardly believe I’ve reached my target for the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge before 2015 is half-way! This is number 5. I’m already thinking about ways to extend the fun. Either I’ll go for 10 or I won’t count the repro patterns, which puts me back at 2…

voor1Anyway, this is my latest dress.

3989setIt’s made from this pattern from EvaDress (so it’s repro). I know some ladies on We Sew Retro Sew & Tell were also interested in this design so you’ll be glad to know it is available as a multisize pattern which helps a lot when trying to get it to fit you.

zij:achterAnd the news about fit is good too: I’m between sizes on EvaDress’s sizing chart and I used the smaller size for the bodice and the larger one at the hip (I made a toile for the bodice first and measured the back skirt pattern piece at hip level). After that, the only alteration I made was to take in the shoulder a little bit. Of course, because everyone’s body and taste is different we all have different fit requirements but at least there is a clear relationship between theoretic and actual size here.

voor3The fabric I used is a pale orange crepe which has been in my stash for a while and I put in a side zipper instead of the snap placket which is shown in the instructions. And I added some lightweight interfacing to the neckline facing. A lot of pre-WWII patterns don’t include any kind of interfacing and the instructions here are the original ones but I thought that, in this material, the neckline would benefit from some stabilization. And I still think I was right. The neckline has a slightly unusual shape and don’t think it would keep that shape very well without any interfacing.

This is the first time I’ve made a design from before the introduction of the New Look and I have to admit I have to get used to it. When taking these pictures, my ¬†boyfriend mentioned this dress was “less retro” than the ones I usually wear… I guess that actually meant “less 1950’s” but it’s still ironic that he sees this original 1946 design as less retro than all my re-imagined kind-of-50’s stuff…

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