1965 dress

December 3, 2014

voorWith the year almost over, I’ve decided to try and stick to my Vintage Pattern Sewing Pledge after all. I’ve just completed this dress, which means I’m halfway (to five…).


1965-2I made this dress using this design from the summer 1965 issue of the Frohne system. This was a German system of ‘enlarge to size’ patterns which was also sold here in the Netherlands. I’m showing it in this post.

Considering the obvious risks of such a system, I’m not at all disappointed with the result. I did make a muslin and lower the bust darts as a result.


The dress is one of those 1960’s designs which sits between the fitted, highly feminine shapes of the 1950’s and the quintessential waistless 1960’s mini’s. It’s a new shape for me and although it won’t make me forget the 1950’s, I like it.

There more about it here

  1. I really like this shape of dress, the slim line with the fact that there actually is a waist, it suits you very well.
    And I like the collar detail!

  2. In was nineteen years old when I made my own wedding dress in 1965, It had a full length bell-shaped skirt, and a lace cummerbund with attached train. The fabric I used was called Crystal Charm. I am attempting to find out how to carefully take the gown apart and use the fabric to create a dressy tunic jacket that I want to wear when we take a cruise for our 50th wedding anniversary in early summer. Do you know anything about Chrystal Charm? It feels like it might be rayon, but I could test a small piece of it if I knew more about how to proceed.

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