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Presto Pjs

October 14, 2014


PJ cutting layout- shows how F. & B. pants pieces are almost identical & the continuos placket
VV Weldons pattern pjs
The modern make and Weldons pattern cover

Take a late 40’s or early 50s Weldons pj pattern add a fun flamingo cotton border print bought yesterday and hey presto- pjs. It’s an unprinted pattern but the original seamstress very helpfully pencil labeled each pattern piece. I joined the two pants pattern pieces together down the sides so there is no side seam on my version… but as the top of the pants has pleats and a tailored waistband I still had to make a slash placket on the left hip to get them on and off. I also left 2 of the back pleats unpleated, which gave me about 3 inches extra in the waist. I cut a longer waistband and slotted in a bit of elastic into the centre back to create some ‘give’. I had bought  2 and a half metres of fabric with no particular usage in mind but looking through my pattern stash this one seemed perfect.  Unfortunately the fabric was only 45″ wide and so I had to lose 3″ off the length of the top to fit all the pieces in. The crotch is very low and almost comes to a point rather than the scooped out shape modern trousers have. However this makes them seem really comfy. I still need to add buttons and buttonholes and will be sleep testing properly tonight. But so far I’d say I will definitely be using this pattern again- easy to wear, uncomplicated to make- a relaxing project for a change.

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