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October 29, 2014

After a few months of working on big historical costuming projects, I needed a break for a quick vintage project I could whip up for some instant gratification sewing.


So a dirndl skirt in the cutest camera novelty print fabric was just the ticket! Usually, I stay away from novelty prints but I just had to have this one being that my husband is a photographer.


It didn’t hurt that the print included three of my favorite colors-mint, orange and chartreuse! I’m not sure I would have picked to pair these colors together myself but somehow they work. More photos and construction details over on my blog.

Have you tried any new prints or color combinations lately?

  1. I love this skirt! It’s so cute. I just bought a camera fabric to make a circle skirt for a friend, who is a photographer.

    I completely understand the need to make a quick, instant-gratification project. Sometimes I get so bogged down in the big stuff, I need to make something that will be done TODAY.

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