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Trick-y pleats

August 31, 2014

rok1With this skirt, I returned to my usual draft-my-own ways. It’s a simple thing: a half circle skirt with pockets and pleats added to the front piece. Those pleats hide a little trick though: they actually form the closure of the skirt.

sluiting1I’ve explained how to make this on my blog.

rok4I really enjoy this skirt. It’s nice and wide and the stiff fabric (like denim but a plain weave instead of a twill weave) really helps show that off.

  1. Brilliant idea, and it looks lovely on you. I’m always excited to find vintage garments with clever little hidden closures like that, so I love that you found a way to do it yourself. Thank you for posting the tutorial!

  2. Lovely skirt, and what a clever idea! I had a pair of bellbottom pants in the late 1970s with a similar closure, but it was on both sides, concealed in the pockets. It made what was essentially a broadfall pattern. I must say, I envy you your Pfaff hand-crank machine.

  3. Gosh, I am so envious of not only that beautiful blue skirt, but also that gorgeous bookshelf system behind you. Sorry to get off track there, but I’ve been thinking a lot about shelving for my own home.

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