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The 1929’s dress

August 3, 2014

So, in the end I picked this design to sew for the 1920’s portion of my Vintage Pattern Pledge.

To make it a bit more wearable in 2014, I made it in black crepe.

I didn’t make any alterations to the pattern although I didn’t completely follow the (very limited) instructions. I made the neckline a bit more stable and cleanly finished than suggested.

When I first sewed top and skirt together, it looked like this. Which looks like a 1920’s silhouette but not like the drawing at all.

I ended up making a large pleat at the back which gave me a look much closer to that in the image. I’m still wondering if this is something they just didn’t in the instructions (which again, are really limited, just a few lines for pattern tracing, cutting and sewing) assuming the reader would understand or if it just illustrates my complete lack of understanding of 1920’s fashion…

Anyway, I love the dress as it is now and I’m sure I’ll enjoy wearing it.

More about it, including more pictures, on my blog

  1. Awesome! I think the difference between the 1st and 2nd dress is great and not all that uncommon. Women were still supposed to ‘hide’ their bodies shape and most did, excepting the young and beautiful (flappers) who dressed as most young folks do: fabulously! I know that most pattern illustrations convey an idea, not necessarily how the pattern makers fit the pattern to the body.

    Most 50s dresses are way longer than shown and much of my vintage collection fits much ‘looser’ than pictured. Alternately, my RTW vintage is quite fitted, so, as usual, it’s not your body, it’s the clothes! And I’m glad you made it fit as you wished; it looks GREAT!! Good job!

    1. Thank you! Of course I know about the difference in fit of the pattern and what you would expect in modern patterns and those of a slightly more recent vintage.
      In this case, having never sewn anything from so long ago and being not very familiar with the real period silhouette, I wasn’t so sure.

  2. Great choice in making it black– it’s very LBD and I think with some pin curls and a long strand of beads, it’s perfect for a date night! Great job!

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