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Help! Chevron Dress

August 31, 2014

Last Christmas, my sister-in-law got me this lovely green and white chevron fabric.  It’s some sort of cotton blend, with a bit of stretch to it.  I loved it instantly, and set it aside for something special.  Well, it’s been sitting in my stash since then, irritating me because I can’t figure out what to do with it!  So tonight, I finally decided to cut out pieces for my favorite 60s dress.  It’s Simplicity 1609 which I have made twice before and simply adore.

However, I’m not sure if I like the dress without embellishments.  The chevrons are a little overwhelming by themselves.  So!  I need your help!  Which of the versions below do you like best?  The dark fabric is a navy linen I have…if I use a contrasting fabric, though, I will probably go out and buy cotton.  I’ll take alternate color ideas, too.

Here is the dress without alterations.  If the bust darts look wonky, it’s because they are just pinned in place.


Version 1 has epaulets on the shoulders and a stripe down the front center.


Version 2 has navy around the neckline and the hemline.


Version 3 would have a bow like the teal dress below, but in the contrasting fabric.

Ideas?  Thoughts?  I would love input!  Thanks, and happy sewing!

  1. Well firstly, I hope I don’t sound rude at all but I wouldn’t do the stripe down the front. It looks like you’re trying to cover something up (perhaps a mistake) and not doing a grand job of it. It just takes too much away from the lovely green chevrons.
    Secondly, I do really rather like the navy with the green and I really would say I like the collar and navy hem or the bow at the front as pictured.
    Another possibility…the navy scalloped collar with a few navy buttons down the front as in the other style on the pattern cover.

    Good luck on the lovely dress!


  2. I think it would look lovely with the bow on front, or a collar like the dress on the right of the pattern envelope. I’m sure whatever you do it will look great! I like the fabric 🙂

  3. I like the collar and buttons in the A view. You could do those in the blue or white I think. The colour band on the hem or as centre stripe do tend to look as if they are fixing a problem not an organic part of the styling.

  4. I like the navy at the neckline and hem; however, I would go with a smaller band at the collar, a small navy belt equivalent in size to the collar band, and the size band of navy you currently show at the bottom. The belt would help break up the pattern and pull the top and bottom of the piece together. Best wishes with whatever you decide.

  5. I would sew the dress with no extra embellishment, but use your navy accent idea as a soft scarf or navy color bead necklace and bangles.

  6. I like the epaulets. A Peter Pan collar with a border around the bottom would look nice too. No stripe down the front though.

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