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Great British Sewing Bee 1930’s blouse

July 30, 2014
Hi, this is me wearing a 1930's style blouse. If anybody watched the last 'Great British Sewing Bee' programme you may recognise this? I don't have the book but found the pattern (for free) online :-/ Anyyywayyyy, with no instructions I had to fumble my way through. I'm happy with my result. What do you think?
A close up of the front collar. On my first attempt there was a gap between the collar but because of the shirring underneath it sort of puckered and didn’t look good. So, I undid it 🙁 and redid it. But I’m happy I did as it looks much neater.
I used bias strips and hand stitched them onto the wrong side to finish the sleeve edges. I made rouleux strips to used to fasten the buttons.
This is a picture of the back opening with collar and button and loop.
I made my own bias strips to hem the blouse and inserted an invisable zip to the placket.
  1. My goodness, this is beautiful. All those wonderful tucks and details! And the fabric is gorgeous. You look lovely <3

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      This pattern is available to buy in a book ‘Great British Sewing Bee’ probably made by the BBC. There are lots of other patterns in the book too. I believe there are two GBSB books but this pattern is from the second series so will be the second book. I hope this helps?

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      I’d say that no, the retro look isn’t ‘in’ in France. I’m English though and just wear what I want to!

  2. hi, fabulous blouse, and it inspired me to give it a go today! my sleeve head in ‘toile’ is really high by comparison to yours, did you soften the gathering? everything has turned out fine except sleeves.
    I was also thinking i will have to make the arm-hole a bit tigher as i have narrow shoulders.
    your sleeves are sitting very well (quite jealous here!!!)

  3. Love your comment above: I’m English; I just wear what I want. I’m American/English, and I do that, too. Got here looking for a 30s style drop collar blouse that I saw in–what else?– a British PBS drama. I HAVE to make one!

    As an advanced sewer myself, I’d like to say that your blouse is beautiful! Nice fitting, nice finishing, and nice fabric. Looks great on you! And actually, not so retro. . .

  4. Hi,

    This pattern with the fabric you chose turned out well!

    I understand about the collar spacing. If you line up the notches, it seems to leave a gap, and if you close the gap in the front, notches do not line up, at least for me.

    I thought it might be one of two reasons. The neck could be too wide because of shirring too loosely, or this is a simplified pattern of the Bette Davis blouse, which had a double collar, the lower falling inches apart from it’s twin, and the upper one closing more like yours! Perhaps this pattern version only includes the lower one.

    I’m curious about how you extended the collar around despite everything–could you clarify that a bit?

    Thank you,


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