Because it is summer somewhere….

A friend had an amazing piece of fabric and wanted a vintage bathing suit made from it. The border print fabric had 9 individually blocked and decorated ballerinas and the pattern that she really liked was Simplicity 2441 (sorry about the photo quality of the fabric… )

Being woefully short of fabric to actually make the bathing suit, I started to experiment with placement of the ballerinas on the fabric with my computer first (because I am pretty sure I will never see fabric like this again!)


We finally came up with a design that involved my completely discarding the plain blue fabric (because there wasn’t enough, and I couldn’t find a perfect match) and patchworking the border print fabric to the 8 panels of the bathing suit skirt. Apart from being a bit busy on the inside of the bathing suit, it ended up being not too noticeable from the outside. And I still have a leftover ballerina!

And the best part of all is that she got to wear it earlier this year on the last day of summer here in Australia at Red Beach –  so you could say it was sea-worthy.


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  • So cute!

  • It’s fantastic, and she looks adorable in it! And no one at the beach will have anything like it.

  • Very nicely done! I love that ballerina fabric. It looks perfect on your friend.

  • Ohh very pretty! Tha fabric is so pretty , the bathingsuit is just beautiful!

  • It looks great! I’m quite impressed you managed to make it work with the border print. And I’m glad the bathing suit really was sea worthy… I would have had my doubts because the fabric looks like it might be hand-dyed but it clearly stood up to such wear.

  • Reply
  • Beautiful work, what a great bathing suit. You have a lucky friend.

  • great job getting the fabric to work! Very nice!

  • Amazing sewing job! I am in lurv with this suit. You are very talented.

  • What a stylin’ dress!


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