Vintage Jackpot and Another Completed Dress :)


Whoa! I know I just posted yesterday about finishing a dress but the past week has been a very productive one for me and I was able to complete a project that I had gotten half-way through and just wasn’t able to finish at the time! This dress is made out of a wonderful blue cotton from Vintage Vogue V8875 🙂 This was my first time working with a Vintage Vogue repro pattern and while it presented some interesting challenges and techniques I hadn’t tried before I must say I am pleased with the result!                                                    


I also wanted to share a few vintage treasures that I recently acquired! A close friends grandmother passed away and she was left with boxes of old sewing things like patterns, notions, and fabric. When she asked if there was anything I would like since she wanted to see it go to someone who would get use out of it I of course said yes! I came home with boxes of stuff and I thought you’d like to see some of it 🙂 Feel free to swing by my blog for more pictures and details!

• Meet the Author • Shaysierae

I am a 24 year old just learning the in's and out's of vintage sewing! I was so excited when i discovered this website and absolutely love the posts that I have found. Currently I am working on a few projects and look forward to posting some of them soon! :)

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  • Your dress looks great and I love the shade of blue.
    I’d LOVE to receive goodies like you have. You are one lucky lady!

  • Fantastic dresses, love them all. It is so good to see women in dresses once again, they are so comfortable and so beautiful. Plus I know I feel more beautiful in a dress than in anything else. Each of your patterns I wish I could have them also, love each and everyone of them. Love your site keep them coming.

  • Can you please help?! I’m making this dress but am falling at the first hurdle with the side panels of the front bodice!


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